Home News At the Senate conference on home treatments, even ivermectin. It is controversy

At the Senate conference on home treatments, even ivermectin. It is controversy

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Diets, nutraceuticals, vitamin D deficiency and the use of the pesticide ivermectin against Covid-19. These are among the topics at the center of the interventions of Italian and international speakers participating in a conference on the topic of home care, “International Covid Summit – Care experiences from the world”, hosted by the Senate on the initiative of the senator of the Lega Roberta Ferrero. Protagonists of the event “doctors from around the world who have treated at home and treat Covid”, says the poster of the conference broadcast live streaming from the Senate. There was no lack of controversy on social media on some aspects of the initiative, especially the revival of anti Covid home care on which no regulatory agency has given the green light.

Burioni: we have learned nothing from Stamina

“We haven’t learned anything from Stamina. And the weakest and the most unfortunate are the losers, ”the virologist Roberto Burioni tweeted, commenting on the event. The conference is promoted by Ippocrate.org which aims, as written on the site, to be “a laboratory to scientifically dismantle manipulative projects, to claim neutrality in medical practice, in scientific research and experimentation, and to fight conflicts existing and future interests. But also to claim a truly active citizenship of every human being ».


Pd-IV against the conference promoted by the League

The conference touched on experiences of home therapies with some doctors who would claim to have treated the coronavirus with medicines such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Ferrero, questioned by Ansa, clarifies in a video: «The vaccine issue was not really dealt with here. Prevention is one thing and cure another. They are two absolutely different themes even if both strategies to fight Covid ». The leader of the dem group at Palazzo Madama, Simona Malpezzi, criticizes: “If the objective declared by the Lega is to convince the skeptics and the undecided to get vaccinated, it is very difficult to understand the reasons why the Senate hosts an initiative organized by Northern League senators on medical experiments without proven scientific evidence illustrated by some speakers who have declared me no vax ». And he concludes: «The League, far from wanting to contribute to promoting the vaccination campaign, continues to support unfounded and ambiguous theories on covid. And this attitude remains a serious problem for the government and for the country that is emerging – thanks to vaccines – from the worst crisis since the post-war period ». For Daniela Sbrollini of Italia Viva, “the senators of the League who supported the Senate conference on Covid home therapies, between fake No Vax and ivermectin should have in mind the meaning of the institutions they represent”, adding that “it is absolutely inappropriate that this initiative takes place within the Senate ».

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