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Belluno, thief tries to enter the house of a magistrate

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BELLUNO. Attempted theft in the home of a magistrate. The thief (or robbers) left empty-handed after trying to break into a city home. It went wrong and he could have at most caused some damage with the classic burglary tools. But once again it is the testimony of the fact that criminals strike anyone, as soon as they believe that the conditions are in place and perhaps they do not even bother to organize preliminary inspections. Yet the home of those who work in the judiciary is not really so neglected by the police and this is what the Italian nationality rascals should know, without anyone having to remind them.

It is by no means excluded that there are cameras, apart from the fact that they are usually people misrepresented by hoods or an alarm system works, which could start howling at any moment. Certainly, in recent days, police and carabinieri patrols have been brought to the scene, to make the first findings and start investigations. It is not yet known whether the thief is the same one who previously hit or tried to hit in Castion, Cusighe and Nogarè, just to remember the latest cases. Systematically successful thefts, even if not with stolen goods that are not particularly rich. The recommendation of the police and carabinieri is not to keep cash and jewels in the house, except in case of need.

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