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Big Brother Vip, Chico Forti writes to Jo Squillo: “You are my media phoenix”

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After starting a hunger strike to bring attention to his story, in the eleventh episode of the “Big Brother Vip” Chico Forti, in prison in the United States since 2000 for a murder of which he has always declared himself innocent, writes to Jo Squillo. A private letter, which will be delivered in the next few days to the singer-songwriter and presenter, and a public letter, addressed to Alfonso Signorini. “Alfonso, I am not lucky enough to know you personally, but after being inundated with messages relating to your interest, I must express my sincere gratitude to you. You and Jo are my media phoenix ”says Forti, now that he is once again the center of attention. “Thanks for the fresh blood you injected into my veins.”

The interruption of the hunger strike by Jo Squillo

From here, also by virtue of this important result, the conductor asks the interpreter of “We are women” to stop the hunger strike. “It’s a noble thing, but it’s dystonic with respect to the spirit of the game. It also needs a medical check-up which we cannot give you here »explains Signorini, urging Squillo to go back to eating. «Your message and your gesture immediately found a welcome, even unexpected and unexpected. The objective has been achieved ».

Big Brother Vip, Chico Forti writes to Jo Squillo:

Revenge porn and loneliness

For the rest, the episode touches on very delicate themes such as revenge porn and loneliness. In the first case, the protagonist is Lucrezia ‘Lulù’ Selassié, who tells of when, at the age of 15, she was blackmailed for nude photos: “I woke up every morning with 80 messages from this person who constantly pestered me, even when I I was at school ». In the second case, however, at the center is the story of Katia Ricciarelli, who shares her life with the dog Ciuffi (“Everyone says I’m a woman of steel, in reality I am a dove of steel”).

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Big Brother Vip, Chico Forti writes to Jo Squillo:

The new nominations
The evening concludes with the commentary on the relationship between Miriana Trevisan and Nicola Pisu, the not yet relationship between Sophie Codegoni and Gianmaria Antinolfi and the new nominations. At risk this time Miriana Trevisan, Carmen Russo and Raffaella Fico.

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