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Bollengo, in motion on the begonias: the vandals destroy the flowerbed of the rotunda

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The country still struggling with uncivilized acts to the detriment of all Ricca: “At least there was a vaccine against stupidity” THE SENTINELLA IN A MINUTE

BOLLENGO. “If there was a vaccine against rudeness, vandalism and stupidity, it would be necessary to inoculate so many doses to the vandal who last night enjoyed destroying the flowers of the Allas rotunda.”

Thus the mayor of Bollengo Luigi Ricca comments on the act of vandalism that damaged the recent gardening work that made the large roundabout along the provincial road to Lake Viverone, at the height of the Allas farmhouse, even more beautiful: a frame of begonias around the curb just planted by the company that takes care of the maintenance of the greenery for the Municipality.

«From the tire tracks we found – adds Ricca – it should be a motocross bike. The vandal therefore acted alone and enjoyed passing over the flowers with wheels, destroying almost all of them ».

And it is not the first time.

Only two weeks ago a small group had instead targeted for the second time the enchanting Romanesque church of Santissimi Pietro e Paolo, in the Pessano region. Traces of flammable liquid had been found in the churchyard: the intention was probably to start a fire to damage the ancient place of worship. And always the same group had torn off one of the road signs that in the area indicate the route of the Via Francigena.

A repeated gesture in the surroundings of the multipurpose, where the vaccination hub has been set up. On that occasion, the sign indicating the path to take for the handicapped who must access the vaccination center was taken away. The signs were immediately relocated by the municipal administration.

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«I am sorry to note that despite our efforts to create aggregation among young people – adds Ricca – there are those who do not understand the value of the public good. And indeed it carries out serious actions to the detriment of the community. We have already seen on other occasions. And not only in Bollengo ».

Just tomorrow evening, Thursday 5, at 9 pm in the new Tower, the meeting promoted by the Municipality is scheduled with the aim of organizing activities for the young people of the town. LYDIA MASSIA

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