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Cancel your seasonal license plate in good time and save up to 45 percent

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Heidelberg. With seasonal license plates, drivers can save on vehicle insurance. In a model calculation by the comparison portal Verivox, the premium for a convertible is 39 percent cheaper than with an all-season license plate. For a motorcycle, the premium drops by 31 percent. Many insured people can now change their tariff and save up to 45 percent.

39 percent savings on car insurance

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, around 2.57 million vehicles with seasonal license plates were registered in 2023. With this seasonal registration, owners can significantly reduce their vehicle insurance premiums. A 40-year-old solo driver from Munich pays 39 percent less for car insurance for his Peugeot 207 convertible if he leaves it for eight months instead of twelve. This saves his budget by around 126 euros per year. He saves 134 euros – 31 percent – ​​with the seasonal registration of his BMW R 1250 GS motorcycle.

Seasonal license plates are suitable for all vehicles that are not used all year round – in addition to convertibles and motorcycles, also for caravans or vehicles that are only used in winter. The vehicle owner decides how long the license plate is valid for. A period of between two and eleven months is possible. However, for future no-claims discounts, it is recommended that you be registered for at least six months. “In order to move up to the no-claims class, the vehicle must be registered for at least six months,” says Wolfgang Schütz, managing director of Verivox Versicherungsvergleich GmbH. “If drivers don’t have their insurance pay for damage or accidents, the premiums will be cheaper the following year.”

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Good to know: Outside the season, so-called rest insurance applies, which continues to cover damage caused by hail or marten bites and covers theft. However, the vehicle must be parked away from traffic in a garage or a parking space with a hedge or fence. The vehicle may not be driven during this time.

Comparison saves up to 45 percent

Car insurance prices have risen sharply year-on-year. According to the Verivox motor vehicle insurance index, premiums across all types of insurance are currently on average 18 percent higher than the previous year. Owners of seasonal vehicles can now change their car insurance and save money: The notice period for car insurance is four weeks. If the season starts on April 1st, cancellation is possible until the end of February, and if the season starts on May 1st, until the end of March.

Comparing providers reduces insurance costs by almost half. The owner of the Peugeot 207 Cabrio can save around 45 percent on fully comprehensive insurance. This is how high the difference is between the cheapest tariffs and offers from the middle price segment. The model driver pays up to 159 euros less for his seasonally registered vehicle. The BMW motorcycle saves 40 percent – ​​around 204 euros.


Verivox evaluated the prices for around 400 fully comprehensive tariffs from 70 motor vehicle insurers. The model case is a 40-year-old solo driver of a Peugeot 207 convertible or a BMW R 1250 GS (motorcycle) from 80331 Munich with an annual mileage of 6,000 kilometers and no-claims class 10. The eight-month season started on April 1, 2024.

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