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Cdm at the start, maneuver worth 30 billion. Eight billion for Irpef and Irap cuts. Odds 102 only for 2022

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From the fund for tax cuts to the new shock absorbers: 185 articles are contained in the draft of the maneuver that will be examined shortly by the Council of Ministers. A CDM set for 15 but started an hour late to allow ministers to view the text before taking part in the meeting that some predict “long”. Among the measures, in addition to the intervention on pensions and citizenship income, the postponement of the sugar and plastic tax to 1 January 2023, leave for fathers, the renewal of building bonuses, funds for health and also for Jubilee 2025. The budget law should provide for measures for about 30 billion. The Draft Budget Document (Dpb) foresees deficit resources of 23.4 billion.

Pensions, 102 confirmed only for 2022

Only for 2022 it will be possible to retire with a quota of 102, that is 64 years and 38 of contributions. This is confirmed by the draft maneuver being examined by the CDM. “The right obtained by 31 December 2022 can also be exercised subsequently”. “In the first application, by February 28, 2022, the related permanent staff may submit an application for termination of service”, the law provides. In addition, a Fund with an endowment of 200 million for the year 2022, 200 million for the year 2023 and 200 million for the year 2024 is established in the forecast of the Ministry of Development, intended to encourage early exit from work. , on a conventional basis, of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises in crisis, who have reached an age of at least 62 years. A minimal step (and which according to the first calculations would not open spaces of flexibility for many people) which, however, serves to undermine the protests of the League and the wrath of the unions, who now expect a reform table.

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Extension of facades bonus to 2022 but at 60%

The extension of the facades bonus has been confirmed, extended to 2022, but with a percentage reduced from the current 90% to 60%. This is confirmed by the draft maneuver, today under examination by the CDM. The extension of the 110% super bonus has been confirmed for the whole of 2022 also for single-family homes but with an Isee ceiling for owners of up to 25 thousand euros and therefore limited, it is explained, only to the first houses. For condominiums, the extension will be until 2023, with subsequent decalage. The other incentives for the home are also confirmed, from the eco-bonus to the green bonus to that for the renewal of furniture.

180 million a year in Nuova Sabatini, up to 2026

In order to ensure continuity to the measures to support the productive investments of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, “the spending authorization is supplemented by 180 million for each of the years from 2022 to 2026”. This is foreseen by the draft of the Maneuver that refinances the Nuova Sabatini.

8 billion fund for tax wedge cut (Irpef and Irap)

In order to reduce the tax burden on production factors, with specific regulatory measures, the use of an amount of resources equal to 8,000 million annually starting from 2022 is ordered for the reduction: “of the income tax of individuals with the objective of reducing the tax wedge on labor and the effective marginal rates, to be achieved through both the reduction of one or more rates, and an organic revision of the system of deductions for employee income and supplementary treatment; the rate of the regional tax on productive activities “.

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