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It only takes you 4 minutes to get back in shape. Do not you believe it? Try and see

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Training is a big effort, especially if you have to match a thousand daily commitments. But what if I told you that 4 minutes are enough for you?

The problem of workouts it is not so much the physical effort but the weather prolonged sessions, a veritable hell on earth to have a body that will rarely really satisfy us.

It only takes 4 minutes to get the body you want (Photo by Taylor Harding from Pixabay)

But don’t despair, there is an incredible method that requires you a few minutes of your time for an incredible result. I would say to deepen it better, you will not be able to believe it.

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The ultimate method for those who want to train in a short time

The method I want to deepen today is the Tabata, is training fat burning that we should really know. It is a very simple type of training if you have the minutes counted, the important thing is not the time but the good execution of the exercises.

work out
Do these exercises, it will take very little (Photo by Pexels from Pixabay)

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This method is not a sport but a technique that involves interval workouts ad high intensity. These exercises actually allow both to tone the muscles that burn fat. In just 4 minutes a day, 8 exercises must be performed which must be repeated in 20 seconds, as well as 10 seconds of rest. It is recommended to do 2 rounds per exercise of 4 and then another 4 in order not to make the session heavy.

It is recommended to work in those 4 minutes on each muscle: from squats, to abs, to weights. This mix that involves the whole body brings great results in a short time, it is a highly recommended technique if you train at home.

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GAG that is, training that involves legs, abdominals and buttocks. It is always recommended to combine aerobic exercise with the use of weights. With this in mind, for example, it is great to combine jumps with the knees towards the chest and exercises with small weights, a way to tone the arms and burn fat.
If we also want to do some outdoor exercises, training on the bench is recommended, while as regards the buttocks, the timeless squats are indicated, perhaps also combined with some cardio exercises for the legs, tiring but what results.

We can also alternate the Tabata method with other disciplines like it yoga for example, a useful way to work on strength and balance.
Or for those who have more strength can perform exercises crossfit with the Tabata method, it is possible to alternate squats and push-ups, working on these areas at the same time.

This technique has the characteristic of requiring little time, in fact it can be carried out everyday but it is also a way to end a session with series or perhaps to integrate moderated sessions. If done at least 3 times a week this technique will allow you to lose weight in no time.

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