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Chaos in Valledupar school due to fire in vacant lot

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Chaos in Valledupar school due to fire in vacant lot

Chaos was experienced this Tuesday morning by around 300 students from the Jean Paiget Bilingual Gymnasium, located in the north of Valledupar, after a fire in a vacant lot that generated a thick cloud of smoke affecting educational facilities and communities. surrounding.

The land, located at Carrera 12 with Calle 9, the old Ateneo school, was set on fire by alleged arsonists who again incite the burning prohibited in the urban areas of the municipality.

“It was a tense moment, however, the communication from the educational institution with the parents was effective, and we immediately went after our children to prevent them from being affected by the smoke. In my case, I withdrew my two children without any news,” said Eunice Monsalvo, mother of the family.

He added that unfortunately this situation is recurring, since it is a vacant lot that requires more attention from its owners because some unscrupulous people turn them on without measuring the consequences that this generates. He called on the authorities to take control of the prohibited burning in the city.


Tomas Charris, company chief sergeant of the Valledupar Volunteer Fire Department, reported that the news was communicated at approximately 11:00 in the morning by line 119, for which reason four units and a machine were sent for the extinction of the fire

As of 3:00 p.m., personnel were still in the area and three thousand gallons of water had already been used.

Regarding the causes of the fire, he assured that they are still investigating to establish it, but stressed that in most of these cases they are caused by arsonists or misfits.

On the other hand, the sergeant reported that since the weekend, the Valledupar Fire Department has been attending between 3 and 5 prohibited burns in the urban area, a situation that is worrisome for the institution.

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There was also a prohibited burning, on a piece of land adjacent to the UNAD, where some misfits lit the prunings that are thrown by the carromuleros.

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