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Checks in Belluno: insults and spits on the commissioner and local police officers

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Checks in Belluno: insults and spits on the commissioner and local police officers

It began with a simple document check on three Egyptian boys who were homeless. But the surprise check at the City of Bologna park organized by Municipality of Belluno with the Local police risked degenerating. Insults and spits were addressed by a young man to the officers who were identifying the boys under the gazebo near the gate overlooking via Tissi, and also to the councilor Raffaele Addamianopresent at the park with the council colleague Monica Mazzoccoli and the adviser Alessandro Farina (all three members of the Brothers of Italy).

The controls

The operation, the second within a week, aims to raise attention to safety in the city, “because everyone has the right to be able to walk or go home without being bothered by anyone”, explained Addamiano. And sometimes the rudeness of some young people who wander around the center risks creating some problems. We had proof of that last night. The local police identified the three young Egyptians and the councilor had set to work to find them accommodation. It all seemed over when a dozen guys, as if there was some kind of call, gathered under the gazebo. One of them, of foreign origin, contested the request for documents, questioned the authority of the person he was dealing with, insulted Addamiano and the two local police officers. Thirteen boys identified, almost all minors (among them also a couple of girls), foreigners and from Belluno.

the reunion

The meeting in the Prefecture

Tuesday will not be the last check by the local police and councilors on groups of rude young people who frequent the center and the city park of Bologna. “We wanted to give a signal to the citizens, demonstrate that the institutions are there,” explains the councilor for security Raffaele Addamiano, who represented the Municipality at the Order and Security Committee publish in Prefecture.

At the table Addamiano recounted the episode of Tuesday evening, with the control of a group of young people who risked degenerating: a simple document control did not please what appeared to be a sort of “boss”, who with an arrogant attitude he insulted the agents and Addamiano, spat on the ground a few centimeters from the feet of the authorities and cursed with heavy words, even against the commissioner. The crime of contempt of a public official could be set up.

“It is a person known to the police, like the other young people who were stationed under the gazebo and who were identified by our local police officers,” says Addamiano. «They are all minors, Italians, some of foreign origin. There were also a couple of girls among them. Those present at the table in the Prefecture confirmed their intention and willingness not to let their guard down on the issue of security in the city. It is true that we are faced with mostly rude young people, and although this phenomenon should not be amplified, it should not be underestimated either”.

The Municipality’s initiative “was appreciated”, adds Addamiano, who specifies that the Prefecture had been informed. «Constantly checking these subjects, guaranteeing a constant presence of the police in the area, works. We are not sheriffs and we don’t want to be, but neither can we let these kids behave badly, get dirty, damage things that are not theirs, as happened in the past. The project was born precisely from the numerous reports received in the offices in recent days and in person, by citizens and above all by alarmed mothers of a situation that appears to be difficult to manage ».

“Road Agents”

The issue of security will also be addressed tonight in the third council commission. “The councilor Addamiano and the commander of the local police will participate, from whom we will ask for information on the cameras present in the center, their positioning and functioning”, anticipates the president, Francesco Pingitore. “There are many fronts on which we can act. First of all, local police officers should all be on the streets, not in the office where municipal employees can go; and we need to improve the lighting in some areas of the park, because it’s no coincidence that those kids always stay in dark areas. We’ll talk about it”.

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