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‘Chico Tomy’ escaped from La Permanente de Valledupar

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‘Chico Tomy’ escaped from La Permanente de Valledupar

The detainee Juan Carlos Salas, better known by the alias Chico Tomy, escaped from the La Permanente Police station located on the fourth street in Valledupar.

According to sources close to the case, the criminal, apparently with the complicity of other patio mates, violated some streamers at the back of the temporary detention center to get out without being noticed.

Hours later, at approximately 11:20 p.m. on Saturday, the uniformed men, when doing a routine review, noticed that “Chico Tomy” was not at the station and reported his escape.

Juan Carlos Salas, a native of Soledad, Atlántico, was deprived of liberty for the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime.

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