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Child phenomenon worries

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Child phenomenon worries

Given the inflation figure, Anif assured that in June 2023, it obtained a monthly result of 0.3% and an annual result of 12.13%, figures that have maintained the line since April, with a clear downward trend.

This reaffirms that the increase in the price level has already reached its ceiling and is beginning to recede. It is important to mention that, for the first time this year, the minimum of some economic analysts was in negative territory.

Thus, the trend is expected to continue. However, it is important to mention that the El Niño phenomenon will be present and could generate upward pressures in divisions such as food or services such as water, for which reason special attention should be paid to the behavior of these divisions in the remainder of the year.

Among the divisions that generated the greatest pressure on total inflation are Transportation (1.1%), Restaurants and hotels (0.6%) and Alcoholic Beverages (0.5%). The lodging, water, electricity and gas division made the highest contribution to the monthly CPI, with 15bp, associated with rent (and imputed rent) and services.

In the annual result we find similar results, the increase in prices is pressured by Transportation with a variation of 18.2% followed by Restaurants and Hotels with 17.4%, Household Items and their Conservation with 14.6% and Domestic Goods and services with 14.4 %. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are also above the national average with a variation of 14.3%. Although his contribution is still important (2.7pp), he is beginning to regress.

Since March, the trend that corrects the regressive effect of inflation has been maintained.

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In June 2023, the result, both monthly and annual, indicates that high-income households are mostly affected by the price increase, mainly due to the increase in fuel prices.


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