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City leaders visited elderly care institutions, needy families, advanced models, etc. and tried their best to put good things into the hearts of the people.

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City Leaders Spread New Year Blessings Across the City

As the new year approaches and the cold weather begins to warm up, city leaders have been spreading joy and blessings across various urban and rural areas. This past week, municipal leaders and members of the CPPCC made visits to elderly care institutions, needy families, and advanced models within the city, extending warm New Year wishes and bringing care and support from the party and government to those in need.

The city leaders, including Xiang Xuelong, Zhang Zhen, Qian Wenqin, and others, took the time to visit different areas of the city and express their condolences to individuals and families in need. At the Yixing Social Welfare Center, they sent New Year blessings to the elderly and encouraged the nursing staff to prioritize the well-being of each resident. They also visited the homes of individuals such as old man Zhu, Uncle Jiang, and Uncle Cui, acknowledging their needs and offering words of encouragement and support.

In other districts such as Binhu, Jiangyin, Economic Development Zone, Liangxi, and Xishan, city leaders engaged in similar visits to express their condolences and bring warmth and care to the residents. They visited homes of individuals with low incomes, disabilities, and who receive preferential care, ensuring that they were well taken care of and their needs were being addressed.

In the Xishan District, city leaders made visits to individuals such as Xiao Peng and Ms. Ye, offering words of encouragement and assurance that the party committee and government will make every effort to ensure their basic needs are met. They also visited nursing centers such as Jinxiyannian Nursing Center, recognizing the efforts of individuals like Li Xiaoping who have been actively participating in social voluntary service activities.

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Throughout these visits, city leaders emphasized the importance of providing targeted services and assistance to those in need, as well as improving social security measures to enhance the lives of the needy people within the city. They also stressed the need for institutions and communities to continuously provide care and support to residents, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for the elderly.

The city leaders’ efforts to spread New Year blessings and bring warmth and care to individuals in need have been widely praised by residents and have reinforced the commitment of the government to improve the lives of all citizens.

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