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Civil uprising quietly appeared in Beijing Xi Jinping stood at the crossroads | Beijing | Xi Jinping | Crossroads | Chinese Communist Party | Chinese | Urumqi |

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Civil uprising quietly appeared in Beijing Xi Jinping stood at the crossroads | Beijing | Xi Jinping | Crossroads | Chinese Communist Party | Chinese | Urumqi |

[Voice of Hope November 26, 2022](comprehensive report by our reporter Han Mei)On November 26, after the city-wide protest broke out in Urumqi, the Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference, announcing that the city had basically been “cleared to zero” and that it had begun to open up to a limited extent.

This is considered to be the local authorities in Xinjiang looking for a ladder for themselves to step down in the face of the demonstrations of the people. Some people believe that this official attitude in Urumqi is the same as the Zhengzhou authorities’ use of 10,000 yuan per person to solve the Foxconn uprising. It will encourage the people to dare to resist in the future, or send a signal to the Chinese that you can only eat if you are strong. Only then will there be life, and in the same way, more mass movements will be born.

Revolts have sprung up across China, from Guangzhou to Urumqi, and most recently in Beijing, where the Communist Party has the most stringent control.

Photos released on the 26th showed protest graffiti demanding freedom and opposing the blockade on the walls of Tsinghua University and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, on bathroom doors and nucleic acid testing booths.

On the evening of the 25th, residents of Tuofangying in Beijing took to the streets to demand that the lockdown be lifted.

The CCP’s unbelievable zero-clearing has brewed many tragedies, and the anger of the Chinese people is about to be ignited, which has attracted the attention of the international media. CNN recently interviewed a man surnamed Zhou in Beijing. The apartment building where Mr. Zhou’s father lived was sealed off without any positive cases of the CCP virus and without warning. On November 1, his father suddenly felt short of breath, but because of the blockade, the ambulance arrived an hour later, and then was blocked by the building again. The security guard stopped him, and although it was only a 5-minute drive away from the hospital, the 58-year-old father passed away unfortunately because he did not receive timely treatment.

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During the three years of the CCP’s blockade, similar stories have happened almost every day. However, when Mr. Zhou told CNN in tears that “the local government killed my father”, the CCP’s careless disregard for human life is bound to attract international attention and make the CCP an international outcast.

Yan Chungou, a senior media person, posted on Facebook a few days ago that not only is it “dynamically cleared”, but all the domestic and foreign affairs of the CCP are now in a dilemma. Xi Jinping seems to have landmines when he looks to the left, and there seems to be a trap when he looks to the right. For example, If the economy is not rescued, it is already dead, but if it returns to socialism, the economy will definitely die, and if it does not return to socialism, it will not be able to maintain the political power; the same is true for the real estate market. , The real estate market is so big that a drop in the bucket is worthless, so the financial system was brought in.

Yan Chungou said that at the root, it is because Xi Jinping wants to protect the CCP and the regime cannot be shaken, so Xi Jinping can only return to socialism. This general direction is wrong, so any small repairs are useless.

Yan Chungou concluded that the current situation of the CCP is not the fault of the policy, but the fault of the national policy. Unless the CCP abandons the one-party dictatorship system, the CCP will not be able to reconcile with the whole world, nor will it be reconciled with the Chinese people. Socialism coexists and dies, and the Chinese are kidnapped by the CCP. Fortunately, the CCP will die, but the Chinese will not die. After the death of the CCP, the Chinese will still be there. After the death of socialism, the Chinese will still be there. The problem is that the CCP will die quickly. Not fast.

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