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Clashes at the Cosenza-Catanzaro derby, 13 policemen bruised – News

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Clashes at the Cosenza-Catanzaro derby, 13 policemen bruised – News

Thirteen policemen were injured in the accidents that occurred last night at the end of the Serie B derby between Cosenza and Catanzaro. Some Catanzaro fans have been identified by the police.
According to the reconstruction made by the Police Headquarters, after some light scuffles without consequences that occurred near the stadium, the buses of the Giallorossi fans were routed towards the motorway.
The accidents occurred near the Rende shopping center, a short distance from the motorway junction. Along the road, according to the Police Headquarters, a group of Catanzaro supporters, from two minibuses, threw stones at the police cars. Then they stopped in the parking lot of the shopping center throwing smoke bombs towards the structure and trying to enter. And this is where the clashes with the police took place.
The version provided by Catanzaro fans is different, speaking of an ambush by opposing fans and claiming that the buses stopped after a group of Cosenza fans hit them with stones and sticks. Version which, at the moment, is not confirmed by the Police Headquarters.
In these hours, however, investigators are viewing videos from the shopping center’s surveillance system and others shot by private citizens and circulating on social media. A definitive reconstruction of the story could come from these videos.
The videos taken by the shopping center’s surveillance system and numerous videos shot by private individuals circulating on social media are at the center of the investigations that the investigators of the Cosenza Police Headquarters are carrying out to reconstruct what happened last night at the end of the Serie B derby Cosenza-Catanzaro. The Police are also trying to identify those who participated in the clashes that occurred in the car park of the Rende shopping centre.

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In one of the videos examined by investigators, a small group of five or six hooded people can be seen throwing torches from the entrance side of the shopping center at the parking lot where the buses carrying Catanzaro fans are stopped. At the launch, the Giallorossi supporters react by throwing the torches back towards the starting point and a group can be seen starting to run towards the entrance. In another we see a group of hooded individuals holding sticks in their hands walking along a road behind the structure.
From examining these videos, investigators hope to reconstruct exactly what happened and individual responsibilities.

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