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Cold air distributes winter experience cards for a limited time. The temperature will gradually rise from December 5th – Yuyao News Network

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“City Experiences Sudden Drop in Temperature, Winter Clothing Makes a Comeback”

Citizens of our city were taken by surprise as the temperature dropped sharply on the night of November 29, signaling an abrupt transition from autumn to winter. The sun was hidden behind clouds and the weather turned noticeably colder, prompting many to retrieve their winter clothing from storage. The highest temperature recorded in the city yesterday was 13°C.

Since the beginning of November, the city has experienced frequent cold fronts, causing fluctuating temperatures and significant drops. This pattern has been consistent, lasting anywhere from one to four days at a time. As the cold air moves away, the temperature slowly rebounds, creating a regular oscillation between temperatures in the teens and those in the twenties.

According to meteorological standards, winter is defined as a period when the daily average temperature remains below 10°C for five consecutive days. The latest weather forecast predicts that from December 1 to December 4, the average temperature will fall below 10°C, with a gradual rise expected thereafter. By December 6, the daytime temperature is anticipated to exceed 20°C, bringing a return of fine autumn weather.

In addition to the temperature fluctuations, the city has experienced below-average rainfall due to insufficient water vapor. However, a rainfall process is expected on December 4, offering some relief from the dryness that has persisted throughout autumn. Citizens are advised to stay hydrated and consume fruits such as pears and apples.

As winter approaches, respiratory diseases become more prevalent. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, ensure adequate sleep, exercise regularly, and maintain clean living and working environments. Additionally, wearing masks in crowded places or on public transportation can help prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.

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