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Cold wave blue warning

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Cold wave blue warning

China Weather Network News The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a cold wave blue warning at 06:00 on October 5:

Affected by the strong cold air, it is expected that from 08:00 on October 5 to 20:00 on October 6, most of Jiangnan, the eastern part of Southwest China, northern South China, northern and eastern Qinghai and other places will have a temperature of 4 to 6 °C. The temperature drop can reach more than 8°C. The minimum temperature line of 0°C will be located in the area from northern North China to central Liaoning, and the minimum temperature line of 10°C will be located in the area from northeastern Sichuan, southern Hubei, southern Henan to northern Jiangsu and Anhui. There are northerly winds of magnitude 4 to 6 in parts of the Liaodong Peninsula, eastern Huanghuai, eastern Jianghuai, eastern Jianghan, and northern Jiangnan. There are northeasterly winds of magnitude 6 to 7 in the southern part of the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, with winds of magnitude 8 and gusts of magnitude 9 in some areas of the Taiwan Strait.

Defense Guide:

1. Personnel should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm; make preparations for defense against windy and cooling weather in production;

2. Fasten structures that are easily blown by strong winds, such as doors and windows, hoardings, scaffolding, and temporary structures, and properly place outdoor items that are easily affected by strong winds;

3. You should go to a sheltered place to take shelter from the wind, and notify the outdoor operators to pay attention to safety;

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4. Pay attention to the latest information on media reports of strong winds and cooling, so that further measures can be taken;

5. Traffic, public security and other departments should make preparations for road icing according to their duties.

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