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Congolese living in Burundi denounce the actions of the new ambassador

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Congolese living in Burundi denounce the actions of the new ambassador

Enriching yourself illicitly or implicitly by any means necessary is the new hobby horse of the current Ambassador and Plenipotentiary of the Democratic Republic of Congo accredited to the Republic of Burundi.

This hypothesis emerges from numerous laments from more than one Congolese national living in Burundi.

Confiding in total anonymity to the editorial staff of Matininfos.net since January 2024 until today, several Congolese citizens living in Burundi, whether for study, commercial or other reasons, have expressed a range of concerns. accusations exposing a new kind of scam allegedly carried out at the embassy.

» Since the arrival of this new ambassador, all documents are extremely expensive, most of the positions of the embassy agents are occupied by his friends and as if that were not enough, he makes us pay for these documents in American dollars. Even at the consular school where fees were paid in Burundian francs for years, the consular school must be paid today in dollars,” a Congolese national told Matininfos.net on February 23, 2024.

Furthermore, other nationals of the Congolese diaspora in Burundi indicated that their first respondent in the host country would have sent a letter to the Burundian Minister of National Education which would require all Congolese to pay the costs of certification of all documents.

» It seems that our ambassador would have informed the Ministry of National Education that any new student who comes to register will need to have a certified document coming only from the embassy. And per piece it’s $10, what does he put in there? Only the jump,” denounced another Congolese from the diaspora in a new testimony received this Monday, February 26, 2024 at Matininfos.net.

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According to the same source, the Congolese ambassador does not recognize the certification of all documents coming from the country as such.

» Imagine for us who ask for equivalences, you must have at least ten documents certified to have equivalence to national education here. Which leaves a lot of people stuck. $10 is a lot. And then he asks for this money in dollars,” added the same source, still anonymously.

In the meantime, the victims say they are tired of this “scam” and intend to contact the competent authorities of the country.

» How can someone make people suffer like that? Doesn’t he see that people are students and suffer here? “, exclaimed a student, before emphasizing that since his arrival at the DRC embassy in Burundi, anarchic management has been imposed from start to finish.

It was on February 10, 2023 that Willy Mulamba Mabika was appointed as the new extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Republic of Burundi.
It has been seven years since the DRC no longer had an ambassador on Burundian territory. The affairs of the host country were handled by an ad interim Chargé d’affaires.

Negotiating and protecting the interests of the nationals of his country are, among other things, the main missions of an Ambassador in a sending State according to the Vienna Convention of 1963.


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