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Congressmen, false electoral prophets

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Congressmen, false electoral prophets

Of course the congressmen Didier Lobo and Carlos Felipe Quinterofrom Cambio Radical and the Liberal Party, were going to deny on the radio that the decision to choose Elvia Milena Sanjuan to the Government of Cesar was an imposition of the house Gnecco Monsalvo.

The interview was missing José Alfredo Gnecco, Eliécer Salazar, Ape Cuello and Libardo Cruzwho represent all the parliamentarians of the department who have united in a kind of hegemony without dissent to support each other and continue under the aegis of convenience of the distribution of positions, contracts, control bodies, mayors, deputies or councilors plus the so-called bribes (the classic way of stealing money from works and services and from all people) for personal enrichment or the financing of those electoral companies that cloud our democracy.

The congressmen could not say anything else, but everyone knows that the rule of ‘Goverment house’ He imposed on them the candidate of their convenience, the one who is committed to protecting their clientele, their contracts and especially their construction contractors, who are the financiers of the political campaigns; when it is not that official money has been placed at the service of proselytizing activity.

Are any of them known for making a single complaint about the misappropriation of public money? When? None has advanced a campaign for morality and transparency, none has been scandalized by the cost overruns of the works.

We are an open means of communication to denounce the actions of public officials, to protect the community; that the works have the greatest impact, benefit and dimension at the lowest cost for the State (which is made up of all taxpayers) and we have not seen them in that task. On the contrary, in fact, they have sponsored their own comptrollers in our territory who do not see or understand and when they raise their voices shortly afterwards the sore throat does not allow them to speak.

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What can not be said about the national control bodies in which officials are appointed directly from political houses and have such influence that their activity in the department falls short. Neither its leaders in councils and the Departmental Assembly They usually exercise effective political control, and only express differences regarding the good use of the resource when they have a dispute over the local pie.

So those false prophets operate in unison to share the cut and they don’t feel sorry for them like they didn’t feel sorry for them yesterday. Julio Sánchez Cristo and Juan Pablo Calvásjournalists from the renowned W Radio, who could not contain their laughter when they heard that a candidate is not imposed on us, but that “we arrange it”.

The people of Valledupar and Cesar, with full knowledge and without recommending candidates from us, will have their preferences this Sunday of elections, and will be able, despite the enormous money that flows, to vote freely, or will they abide by this ruling political class that has trampled the original dream of making Cesar a model department of Colombia.

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