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Cresa: education and work for young people improve in Abruzzo – Abruzzo

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Cresa: education and work for young people improve in Abruzzo – Abruzzo

Critical issues on hospital emigration, connectivity, water networks

(ANSA) – L’AQUILA, JUNE 09 – Overcoming territorial disparities in citizenship rights and socio-economic cohesion among the objectives of the Pnrr: Abruzzo compared with the Centre-North and the South in the analyzes of Cresa, the Study Center of the Agency for the development of the Gran Sasso Chamber of Commerce.

The calculations (1/20023 – 2/2023), published on the Development Agency website, primarily concern aspects of socio-economic cohesion: wealth (per capita GDP), education levels of the population and student competence, youth (employment and demographic flows). The second deals with citizenship rights: digital, water and railway networks, childcare services and hospital emigration.

The regional situation is good as regards the level of education and the twenty-year trend of the youth employment rate and the diffusion of childcare services. However, these last two indicators, despite the higher growth on a multi-year basis, confirm the intermediate values ​​observed in the last year between the central-northern and the southern ones.

In comparison with the South, Abruzzo shows better positions in terms of GDP and student skill levels and worse in terms of the hospital emigration rate, the efficiency of the water network and the penetration of ultra-broadband. As regards the youth migration rate, the electrification of the railway network and the diffusion of the internet, the region presents values ​​relating to the last available year higher than the South alone but worse trends than it and the Centre-North. What is worrying, in addition to the more disadvantaged regional situation compared to the developed part of the country and also to the South, is above all the slower speed that characterizes the trend of the Abruzzo indicators compared to both divisions and compared only to the South and Islands. In this context, according to Cresa’s analysis, throughout the South there is a high risk of a rapid demographic decrease, of a growth in the incidence of the elderly population and of a reduction in the weight of young people due to migrations and low birth rates. (HANDLE).

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