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Crowd and band in church The mayor in the storm – breaking latest news

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PAGANI. A gathering, a procession and a direct social network were enough to trigger an Easter clash over the remains of the dead Jesus, on Good Friday, in Pagani: the traditional crowd of the best times, prohibited by the current anti-Covid provisions, is not there. it was, but groups of people followed the ritual, with representatives of the administration, mayor and president of the city council, present in two churches, with a large presence of faithful in the church of the Body of Christ. There was even a music band in the liturgical hall. The first citizen of the Liguorino municipality ends up in the storm, who a few days ago recovered from the Coronavirus. After the comments of the exasperated citizens, with the closures of the red zone provoking the reaction, the attack came by the opposition councilors Enza Fezza, Vincenzo d’Amato and Fabio Petrelli, with the vice president of the council Umberto De Martino, censoring harsh behavior of the mayor Raffaele Maria De Prisco and president Gerardo Palladino. “We denounce the Mayor for the activities carried out – they say – and we ask him about the reasons why the rules can be barbarously transgressed by the administration, in a moment that, even if it is a holiday, represents a big health problem for the whole nation . Despite the faith that unites us, it would have been more just and respectful not to celebrate the procession today, out of respect for the rules, but above all to protect public health, in order to avoid gatherings that instead occurred. Therefore, in addition to the reasons for the transgression, which cannot even be of a religious nature in the face of a pandemic, given the health crisis in our country, what are the reasons for which administrators can transgress the rules and why it is not the public authority was present during the celebration ».
The question has inflamed the days of celebration dedicated to Holy Easter in Pagani. “Finally, one wonders why the video that testified to the progress of today’s activity suddenly disappeared from the official channels of the mayor”, the four signatories write again, recalling the starting conditions imposed by the pandemic. The requests, point by point, are linked to the health protection regime in place, arranged by the mayor himself, who also ran into the contagion, with the questions posed on the basis of ordinances and restrictions.
A few hours later, the mayor replied to the accusations raised by the opposition, also minimizing the content of some videos, one of which shows the crowd in the church: “On Friday – said De Prisco – there was no no procession, no procession. From the point of view of the institutional presence, in the persons exclusively of the mayor, the president of the council Gerardo Palladino and a nurse, it was a simple deposition of two bundles of flowers, one at the foot of the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, the another at the foot of the statue of the Dead Jesus, as can be clearly seen from the video published. I remember that by Dpcm religious services are allowed and churches are open. Therefore, the faithful are allowed in these days of celebration to take part in the Easter Triduum, obviously respecting the safety standards that must be guaranteed within the Churches “.
The Confraternity of the Church of Maria Addolorata, on the other hand, has made it clear that it has respected all the anti-Covid regulations, without allowing the faithful access to the statue of the Madonna, placed at the entrance with closed gates, without communicating the exposure to anyone, nor the flower offering held on Friday afternoon. «What has been verified – writes the prior Rino Buonocore – deeply saddens us, we are not here to look for a culprit. May the virgin always protect us ».
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