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Dania Ramírez talks about her impact on the series ‘Alert’

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Dania Ramírez talks about her impact on the series ‘Alert’

KYK: How did you work with the production team to ensure that the representation of those cases was respectful and accurate?

DR: As an actress, because I am not a producer, but I have a voice because as a Latina and as a woman, I always have a strong voice in everything I do. What we always focus on is making people feel that the cases are real, because they are things that really happen, there are real heroines and heroes, who are there helping people with cases like these and yes, we have time to laugh, we have time to make it feel like the series is about other things, but the cases are always You have to pay close attention to them, because it is something that happens to people and that is the most important thing. Also bring attention to the fact that there is help and it is something that many times I did not realize so much if I got an alert on the phone and pay attention, then changing and attracting attention in real life and that inspires me a lot to continue with the series, because it really is a very big problem that is happening in the world and we take it seriously.

KYK: How did you manage the balance between fiction and the responsibility of addressing such a serious topic? You mentioned that you are a mother, how did you manage to stay in control when you felt this firsthand?

DR: Well, really, sometimes they can call me half crazy because when I give myself, I give myself completely. I give myself permission to give myself completely in those moments and be emotional, because I know that when they say “cut” I can leave all that, start laughing, get home, hug my children and leave that behind, because being an actress is what I do, not what I am and I always keep that in mind. Also, no matter how hard the subject is, there are real heroes and there are people who are really going through it, I can’t believe that I can deliver that job of carrying it inside me in the same way that these people feel it then I give a lot of honor to the people who are going through that moment and I just want them to identify with how I interpret the character and they can see me and know that I am not that person.

KYK: Do you think this production could contribute to the dialogue on this issue of disappearance and generate changes in society?

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DR: Definitely, because I tell you that for me everything has also changed because personally you were one of those people who if I received an alert on the phone I didn’t pay as much attention and now because of the series, which has a very great partnership with an organization that looking for children, it is attracting many more people who are interested in helping and if they have information about missing people, being able to step forward and say “ok, let me see how I can help.”

KYK: How would you define your character?

DR: She is not perfect. She doesn’t know how to be the boss all the time… being a mother doesn’t come in the instruction manual. She sometimes fights with her daughter in that relationship. She also feels really human, what I like most about her is that, and I think because of her flaws, she can have so much empathy and compassion for those individual cases. She’s easy to talk to, because she doesn’t feel like someone who’s just acting like a cop to get the job done. She really cares.

KYK: We already know that the series talks about a problem that occurs in different parts of the world, but what other topics are touched on in the series?

DR: It is a different series, it talks a lot about interpersonal relationships. It’s about protecting the team and also having that ability to fall in love. It’s about being a family and meeting characters with very human and sensitive traits.

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