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Demobilized from the AUC was murdered in Las Casitas

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Demobilized from the AUC was murdered in Las Casitas

A subject identified by the authorities as Julio César Sierra Gómez, 46, formerly known as ‘Russian black’, was murdered by several gunshot wounds in the Las Casitas village of Valledupar, by men on a motorcycle. in which they wore helmets and also had their faces covered with balaclavas.

This crime, which is being investigated by the authorities, occurred last Thursday night outside a commercial establishment in said town, which disturbed public order and tranquility.

According to information from the authorities, this man was subject to protection by the UNP because he had repeatedly reported threats against him; however, everything indicates that at the time of his death he did not have the assigned scheme.

Likewise, it was established through files from the Prosecutor’s Office that Sierra Gómez, had belonged to the former AUC and had accepted the Justice and Peace process, also faced a criminal process before the Superior Court of Medellín, for his time in the ‘Elmer Cárdenas Block. of the AUC in Córdoba and Urabá, from which he demobilized in 2006 and subsequently faced charges for the crimes of kidnapping, extortion and forced displacement.

In relation to his murder, the deputy commander of the Police in Cesar, Colonel Alex Durán, stated that, “Two people who were traveling on a motorcycle approached the victim and shot him… the deceased was part of a peace and demobilization process and “This is being investigated.”

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