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Discovery of proteins that dissolve plastics

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Discovery of proteins that dissolve plastics

Sterling: Plastic-dissolving protein discovered Scientists have discovered proteins on plastic that have the ability to dissolve plastic.

The research carried out by scientists at the University of Stirling in Scotland has clarified the important role of bacteria living on plastic waste. Scientists have found evidence that can be used to determine the decomposition of plastic. . This finding highlights the importance of further research to determine the function of micro-organisms on plastic waste in the ocean.
The research also identified a rare and unknown bacteria that could help break down plastic and could be used as a new way to tackle plastic pollution.
The experts examined the proteins in plastic samples taken from the coast of Glan, East Lothian, Council of Scotland, and in research led by Sabine Matalana-Sergett, a different view of the proteins secreted by the active micro-organisms. Analyzed together.

According to experts, plastic pollution in the marine environment has reached dangerous levels. Trillions of pieces of plastic litter the world‘s oceans.

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