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Dl Sostegni bis, the Senate decides. Pd: “76 billion to restart Italy. Now the implementing decrees “

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ROME. With the explanations of vote concluded, the call of the senators for the vote of confidence to the support decree bis in the text already approved by the Chamber began in the hall of Palazzo Madama. The provision contains urgent measures related to the Covid emergency, for businesses, work, young people, health and local services.
Senator Daniele Manca, leader of the Pd group in the Budget Committee at Palazzo Madama, said in the classroom: “76 billion to restart the country and consolidate the national health system. This is what we are talking about when we talk about the Sostegni bis decree. Resources that must be used to fill the structural gaps in our country: the condition of many categories of workers without protection, young people, women, the birth rate. If we succeed in carrying out the reforms that Europe asks of us, the country will restart. We are aware of the fact that we are putting the country into debt as a function of a change of pace. This is the bet we have before us. This is why we think that the Next Generation Eu must become structural ». Manca adds: «It is these resources that can allow us, after the pandemic, to change our country and the way we conceive of Europe. This is why we tell the League that winks with Orban and his friends on rights and science are not acceptable. We must come out of the pandemic crisis with a leap forward. Now it will be necessary that the extinguishing decrees for the government decrees be made quickly: there can be no delays or hesitation ».

FdI contrary
“FdI will vote against this provision, both in the method and in the merits. In fact, the compulsive recourse to the emergency decree is no longer acceptable. Still talking about an emergency after a year and a half of pandemic attests to the clear failure of the planning capacity of this majority, for the most part, continuity of the previous one “, says the senator of Fratelli d’Italia Luca De Carlo, member of the Budget Commission, during the declaration on the vote of confidence on Sostegni bis. “On the compulsive recourse to trust then, I remember that in the last legislature many deputies today in government, went up on the roofs to protest against its use, as a clear deprivation of the possibility of affecting choices. They were the same parliamentarians who today justify its reckless, anti-historical and anti-democratic use ». And De Carlo adds: «The truth is that your character is represented by the Zan bill, a liberticidal law to which much more discussion has been devoted than that destined instead to a provision of 40 billion that could solve the problems of many companies. And its postponement to September is certainly due to electoral calculations, when it will be useful to wave it to talk about freedom, while there are those like FdI who flaunt the flag of freedom every day, even if only with the presence in the classroom, the only true testimony of democracy in this Parliament. On the merits of this decree, however, a merciful veil should be drawn. Rather, in the first Sostegni decree there was an amendment to my first signature that allocated resources to ski resorts and ski instructors, which still does not come into existence due to the lack of implementing decrees. Here, on these things you should decree the urgency, not on nothing. Democracy is practiced, not preached ».
Alessandra Todde, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, is convinced that “multinationals, especially if they have received contributions and support, cannot unload workers like parcels”. Therefore «with the Ministry of Labor we are thinking about a scheme that obliges them to at least follow more civil paths, not to treat workers as if they were financial products. Then of course the freedom of a business is sacred, but if you use incentives and social safety nets you have to show responsibility. Against relocations there are also Mise incentives, the Safeguard Fund I set up in the last legislature: it is an incisive scheme, whoever accesses the funds cannot relocate for 5 years “, says Todde to Republic.

Sustainable solution
And Todde adds: «The latest disputes we are taking on are almost all related to the automotive sector, but the closures do not depend on the pandemic, but on a structural crisis that is clearly visible in the financial statements. The point is to find a sustainable solution that allows employees to find a job, we cannot ask the company to continue at a loss “. The text already approved by the Chamber, of the legislative decree number 2320, converting the decree-law number 73, contains the urgent measures connected to the emergency from Covid 19, for businesses, work, young people, health and local services.

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Yes by Forza Italia

“Powerful measure, but the battle is not over,” said Forza Italia senator Dario Damiani in the courtroom. And he continues: «I would like it to be clear: Forza Italia records the fact that this decree is also discussed in substance only in one branch of Parliament and that this procedure is not provided for by the constitution. Having said this, however, we must point out that we are satisfied with the measures contained in this truly powerful decree ». And the Italian representative continues: «43 billion in addition to the previous Sostegni one that we have examined here in the Senate. There are countless changes we have proposed to the Chamber in agreement with the group in the Senate. I mention aid to local authorities, young people, agriculture, support for businesses, many of which are non-repayable. The funds for the internalization of companies, the Tari exemption. And again, access to credit guaranteeing the liquidity of our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition, we have presented several agendas and call on the government to implement them. I am referring to the measures to deal with the increase in the price of raw materials that penalizes construction and jeopardizes the path of the super bonus and the question of the rating of the banks which must be the pre-Covid one, otherwise an imposing problem arises “. These are changes that «we presented after listening to the productive categories. But the battle is not over. The specter of a new variant is thickening and we must absolutely prevent a possible new emergency. Let’s change pace, let’s not chase the virus by trying to anticipate its moves. Forza Italia will therefore vote with conviction to trust a government that is doing its best ».
“This Sostegni bis decree, also the result of the work of the Senate, gives important answers and takes concrete steps forward in the direction we had already defined and set with the previous government”, underlines Senator Vasco Errani (Misto-Leu-Eco). “But along with these positive choices there are elements that remain unsolved. Even at work there are knots still to be solved, serious problems that we must have the courage to recognize. The breakthrough made on clearing layoffs is by no means sufficient, just look at what is happening these days. Therefore, it is very urgent to make a qualitative leap, with a universal reform of the social safety nets capable, together with training, of constructing active labor policies ». Errani adds: “It is also necessary to underline the urgency of a reform of the governance of pharmaceutical spending: reviewing the spending ceilings without a system reform is not enough and with new drugs and their cost in continuous growth, the system will not hold. Finally, there is a problem of method and substance. Decrees can be approved in a short time, but there must be space for political discussion in both houses of Parliament. We cannot find ourselves in a de facto mono-chamberism that prevents us from making an essential contribution, especially now that we are faced with the implementation of the NRP projects, a comparison is essential if we really want something in this country to change after the pandemic. “.

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