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Doskozil “does not want to exclude” the SPÖ-FPÖ coalition per se

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Doskozil “does not want to exclude” the SPÖ-FPÖ coalition per se

“To go back into a coalition with this ÖVP would damage the republic,” said Doskozil in the “Presse”. At the same time, he emphasized that the SPÖ catalog of values ​​for coalition partners “would not exclude the FPÖ per se.” It is precisely this catalog of values ​​that should be applied after the election. However, he immediately said that cooperation was impossible under the current party leader Herbert Kickl.

SPÖ Lower Austria is also open to cooperation with FPÖ

Just this week, the SPÖ Lower Austria also appeared open to working with the FPÖ after the National Council election. The aim must be to implement as many social democratic goals as possible, said SP state manager Wolfgang Zwander, according to media reports. To do this, you “reach out your hand in all directions”.

However, SPÖ party leader Andreas Babler has repeatedly categorically ruled out cooperation with the FPÖ. When asked by the APA, his office did not want to comment on Doskozil’s interpretation that the SPÖ catalog of values ​​would fundamentally allow for cooperation, nor did he want to comment on the debate about coalition preferences.

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Doskozil: Campaigning for a coalition with ÖVP “huge mistake”

Doskozil, however, described the current campaign by some in the SPÖ for a coalition with the ÖVP as a “huge mistake”. The ÖVP only used the SPÖ, as well as the FPÖ and the Greens, as a stirrup to get its key departments and was incapable of making policy for the broad majority of people. “And we want to go back to bed with this ÖVP? And let us perform like a circus bear in Romania? I don’t understand that.”

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