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Draghi: “The problems we have are due to the unvaccinated. School in the presence must be protected “

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“The government tries to be cautious in dealing with the pandemic, but we must preserve the economy and the health of the children. School is essential for our democracy. It must be protected and protected. We want it to be open in presence ». Thus Mario Draghi in opening the awaited press conference at Palazzo Chigi and before launching a hard jab at the no vax: «The hospitals are suffering from the impact that the virus has on the unvaccinated population. Many of the problems we have now are due to the unvaccinated population that occupies two thirds of the beds in intensive care ”.

Draghi’s umpteenth invitation to No Vax: “Get vaccinated, the problems are caused by you”

To those who, like the Campania governor De Luca, accuse the government of using students as guinea pigs, Draghi replied that “the damage to distance learning is already evident. There is no point in closing the school before closing everything else, but there is no such risk because there are vaccines. The classes in dad will increase, but we do not want there to be a generalized recourse ».

Draghi then underlined that Dad causes “inequalities destined to remain between those who are more and less, between north and south and which are reflected in the entire working life. There are estimates of the loss of income of those forced to have a lower level of education ».

The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, also spoke in support of the premier: «The absences of students are still 4.5% between positive and quarantines. Let’s keep the situation under control ». And on the other hand, Draghi echoed “what sense would it make not to go to school and then go to a pizzeria and play sports?”.

On the vaccination obligation, however, the Prime Minister remains cautious explaining the decision to impose it on the over 50s was dictated by the numbers and the risks that certain age groups run.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, then explained that “just over 10% of over 12s remain unvaccinated, yet they occupy 50% of hospital beds and two thirds of intensive care. For this we must reduce the unvaccinated population. For the country to be freer, we need to increase the number of vaccinated people ”.

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