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Emergency Management Department of the General Office of National Defense: Strengthening flood control and drought relief risk research and emergency preparedness

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The General Office of National Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Management held a video conference on flood control and drought relief today (22nd).

The consultation pointed out that the recent rainfall is mainly in the southwest, eastern Northwest, Huanghuai, Northeast and other regions, there are local heavy rainstorms in eastern Sichuan and southern Shaanxi, some areas are accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, the rainfall is extreme, and the heavy rainfall falls in the area. Many are concentrated in hilly areas and urban waterlogging-prone areas, and the risks of floods in small and medium-sized rivers, mountain torrents, geological disasters, and urban waterlogging are still prominent. In addition, for a period of time in the future, the highest temperature in the southern Xinjiang Basin, western Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui and other places will reach above 40 °C; there will also be discontinuities in southern and eastern North China, Huanghuai, Shaanxi, Sichuan Basin and other places. High temperature weather. Affected by the continuous high temperature weather on a large scale, the drought situation in some areas has a tendency to aggravate.

The consultation emphasized that it is necessary to highlight the key points of defense, closely monitor the development and changes of rain and flood conditions, encrypt joint consultations, roll and accurately judge the development trend of disasters, release early warning information in a timely manner, activate and adjust emergency response in a timely manner, and arrange and deploy various tasks in a targeted manner. Do a good job in preventing and responding to local heavy rainfall. It is necessary to strengthen transfer and avoid risks, clarify responsibilities, and transfer personnel in dangerous areas, especially construction sites and tourist attractions, in advance, and resolutely and decisively ensure that all transfers should be transferred and early transfers should be transferred. It is necessary to strengthen inspection and defense, and urge relevant areas to overcome fatigue and war weariness for rivers such as the Liaohe River and other rivers that are in the recession period, continue to strengthen the inspection and defense of the dykes in the over-alarm river sections, clear river obstacles in time, lower the water level as soon as possible, and ensure the safety of flood control in large rivers. . It is necessary to insist on both flood control and drought relief, organize to measure the water shortage situation in drought areas, improve the water supply guarantee plan for drought relief, strengthen the unified dispatching management of drought relief water sources, refine the plan for people and drink difficulties, implement water supply guarantee measures, and organize fire rescue teams to pull and deliver water when necessary. Ensure the safety of drinking water for the masses and meet the water requirements for industrial and agricultural production.

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On the 22nd, two working groups dispatched by the General Office of National Defense continued to assist and guide the flood control and flood relief work on the front lines in Liaoning and Sichuan.

(Headquarters CCTV reporter Tang Guorong)

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