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Energy watchdog VREG issues a fine to Fluvius for delays in installing digital meters

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The Flemish energy regulator VREG has imposed a fine on Fluvius of more than 51,000 euros because the grid operator is late in installing digital meters.

Families that install solar panels must quickly receive a digital meter. Fluvius has 90 or 180 days to install such a digital meter. But according to the VREG, the network operator does not comply with this installation period for many families. The regulator examined almost 25,000 registrations of new installations between January and October 2022. In almost half (48 percent) of the cases investigated, there was no valid reason for the late placement, according to the VREG.

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That is why the watchdog Fluvius imposes an administrative fine of more than 51,000 euros. By installing the meter late, market forces are hampered and delayed, the VREG argues.

It is not the first time that Fluvius has been fined by the regulator. For example, in July 2022, the VREG imposed a fine of 700,000 euros because the network operator failed to enable monthly settlements for natural gas.

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