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‘Epa Colombia’ was sorry for the sentence for damage to public transport

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‘Epa Colombia’ was sorry for the sentence for damage to public transport

The influencer controversy ‘Epa Colombia’ continues its legal process after the events that occurred during the national strike in 2019in which the woman took the opportunity to damage the public transport system of Bogotá and record herself for social networks.

Danny Barrera Rojas She is one of the most viral women in Colombia, given that her controversial behavior, her controversial videos, and her actions have made her a trend.

So the woman revealed that is paying a kind of sentence in court for the damage he did to a Transmilenio station in the middle of a national mobilization.

This became known after a follower asked her on her social networks when she was going to go abroad, for which the aforementioned replied that This year marks the term of his sanctionwhich would prevent him from moving freely around Colombia and around the world.

The young woman pointed out that she is aware of the consequences of her actions, however, she emphasized that she does not know Why did the sanction have to be taken to those instances?

At the same time, ‘Epa Colombia’ told her followers that if there was someone who could help her legally, since the appeal, which is the last legal resource in Colombia, It did not prosper before the Supreme Court of Justice.

“I would like someone to help me leave the country, to tell me: ‘These are the papers’, ‘You have to go this way’, because they tell me: ‘I’m going to help you’ and they turn out to be stealing’he said through Instagram stories.

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Meanwhile, some netizens commented that the woman dI should have received prison for promoting damage to the public good and the lack of social control.

“One of these characters who is dedicated to doing damage ends up taking it cheap and a common person is jailed”reads one of the comments.

It should be noted that since 2019 the content creator is undergoing a process of transformation in which you have shared your personal change.


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