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Exclusive new Rolls-Royce costs 28.5 million and looks a bit like a boat

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© Rolls-Royce

A convertible with a wooden deck. Who comes up with it? Rolls-Royce, it turns out. The Arcadia Droptail was tailor-made for the owner and comes with a price tag of no less than 28.5 million euros.

The name alone of the latest Rolls-Royce is reminiscent of paradise: the Arcadia Droptail is named after a mystical land that the ancient Greeks dreamed of.

The car was designed for a customer whose identity was not released. It is not yet clear whether it will subsequently be included in the Rolls-Royce range. At 28.5 million euros, it is certainly not a car for everyone’s budget. For that astronomical amount you get a tailor-made car. Every screw was negotiated, so to speak.

The unknown owner seems to be a fan of sailing, because the wooden back panel is immediately reminiscent of a yacht. The dashboard and other interior parts are also made of wood and – of course – made by hand. Rolls-Royce chose santos wood. About 8,000 hours were spent on the woodwork alone.

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© Rolls-Royce

Immediately catches the eye: the exclusive built-in clock. — © Rolls-Royce

The bodywork is also exclusive. White, inlaid with aluminum and glass particles. The hood is made of carbon. But what is perhaps most striking is the exclusive clock.

Nestled between the wood and layers of carbon fiber (just like in the F1) this is the most complicated clock Rolls-Royce has ever incorporated into a car. It took five months to assemble all 119 parts of the clock.

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Under the wooden panels, which can be opened separately, there is a picnic set with complete cutlery. And there is also a refrigerator. You can’t drink hot champagne on the road, can you?

Just like with the other droptails, Rolls-Royce previously released the Boat Tail, there is a twelve-cylinder engine with two turbos under the hood that provides 600 hp of power. But the buyer did not have this car designed for that purpose. There are other models for driving fast. This moving luxury yacht is mainly used for cruising.

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