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Federvini: production costs and attacks on PDOs threaten the resumption of exports

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“The data show that our sectors are in good health, however it would be wrong to conclude that all is well. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a resurgence of the pandemic which together with inflationary tensions on raw materials and increases in transport costs seriously endanger the growth of our companies in 2022. In addition, the attacks on Made in Italy through the introduction of duties or regulatory barriers and unacceptable attacks on our denominations “. Micaela Pallini, president of Federivini, comments on the report that the association’s Economic Observatory produced in collaboration with Nomisma and Trade Lab which highlights the growth in exports in 2021, with increases ranging from 6.1% in the UK up to 47.2% in China, passing by 9.4% in Germany and 14.7% in the United States and 27% in Russia compared to 2020. Positive numbers also compared to direct competitors, with the growth of exports to the USA compared to the pre-pandemic level which amounted to 14.4%, compared to 6.8% of Spanish wines and 4.7% of French wines. According to the Observatory, export is driven by companies with over 50 million turnover, which cover 54% of the international Italian wine market.

Are you all right then? On the restart, some shadows have fallen due to the increase in logistics and raw material costs that weigh heavily on the sector. In addition, the unknowns linked to the resurgence of Covid risk weighing on Christmas even if in our country, consumption outside the home has restarted (+ 156% in the second half of 2021 on the first). The president again: «We cannot yet evaluate the effects that new closures may have in the coming weeks, even if we look with fear at the Christmas period should there be a new squeeze on sociality. We await the government’s decisions regarding the Christmas period ».

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In the meantime, however. many companies have announced their balance sheet results. In recent days, the Board of Directors of Masi Agricola, a company listed in Euronext Growth Milan, met, which approved the consolidated results as at 30 September 2021: revenues of 45.5 million, up 28% on last year and in line with 2019. And then ebitida to 8.1 million euros, more than doubled compared to 2020 and growing also in 2019; Net financial debt 4.1 million euros, a clear reduction.

Time to take stock also for the Cantina di Soave Group, which closes the accounts with a consolidated turnover of over 133 million euros, with an increase of 19% in volume and 10% in value. The more than 2,000 winemaking members this year saw the liquidation of the grapes rise to 53.2 million euros with an average profitability per hectare of 8,500 euros. According to the general manager Wolfgang Raifer “thanks to the brand differentiation policy, it promptly adapted to the new market demands, managing to place all its names, focusing on distribution channels that continued to function despite the pandemic, that is the large-scale retail trade and e-commerce. From a strategic point of view, as regards the immediate future, we are working on the positioning of our brands on all channels, there will be a review of our main brands, with a view to giving greater prominence to the denominations and therefore to the cellars of the Group. in which the wines are produced ».

And this afternoon the shareholders’ meeting of the Cavit group approved the consolidated financial statements of the group which reached 271 million (plus 29%) “obtained both for organic growth and as a result of the 12-month consolidation of the recently acquired companies”. The Group, in fact, is made up of the Cavit Consortium to which the companies Cesarini Sforza, Casa Girelli and
GLV (80% of the latter) acquired in December 2019, as well as the German company Kessler Sekt 50.1% controlled.

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