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Fincimex announces restart of remittance payments to Cuba, although gradually

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Fincimex announces restart of remittance payments to Cuba, although gradually

Remittance Services to Cuba are Gradually Being Restored

After several days of being “frozen” due to unspecified technical problems, the financial company Cimex SA (Fincimex) has announced that remittances to the island are being paid gradually.

Money transfers to beneficiaries in Cuba have been on pause, with no explanations from Fincimex, the Central Bank of Cuba, or ORBIT about the technical incidents. In response to the situation, the Metropolitan Bank of Havana has suggested that recipients of transfers from abroad contact the financial entity.

However, Western Union, which does not work with Fincimex, has decided to temporarily suspend sending money to Cuba from the United States due to “problems with banks in Cuba,” with service expected to resume in April. Three other US-based agencies have also stopped making transfers at this time.

Fincimex has assured clients that it is working tirelessly to resolve the problems, although it has not specified what the problem is. Despite these statements, customers have expressed frustration over the lack of information and the inability to get answers to their questions.

The Cuban government had to postpone the increase in the price of fuel, claiming that it did not have the conditions to begin collecting it due to a cyber attack “from abroad” on the CIMEX corporation. However, it has not been explained whether this also affected the deposit of remittances sent to Cuba in late January and early February.

In the last few hours, Fincimex responded to a client stating: “Yesterday we started paying banks. Gradually, service will be restored.”

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The situation has left many individuals wondering if they will receive the remittances they were expecting on their cards. The lack of transparency and communication from the involved entities has caused frustration among the recipients of remittances to Cuba.

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