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First cycle path fails in El Salvador

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The first of the many “cycle lanes” segregated from the streets of San Salvador was eliminated in the Escalón neighborhood.

On Wednesday, drivers found a third lane enabled on 9th Street West in the Escalón neighborhood of San Salvador, without the government authorities having informed them of the decision to eliminate the “ghost” lane for bicycle circulation.

The bike lane that has been eliminated is on 9th Street West, between 87th and 75th Avenue North, where a large number of light and heavy vehicles pass every day.

Literally overnight, the staff of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) began to remove the metal dividers known as toads, so that motorists could use that formerly exclusive lane for bicycles, which only It was rarely used.

In a possible attempt to hide the failure of the cycle path, the MOP workers threw sand and gravel on the painted asphalt layer so that the color that indicates that only bicycles should pass through could not be seen.

The action was criticized by drivers because from the early hours, that sand caused several vehicles to skid, which braked and were close to causing a traffic accident.

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