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First edition of the Aeg coop Academy in Ivrea, training to acquire skills on commercial activities

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Stimulating, interesting, educational, useful and professional: this is how the participants describe the first Academy of AEG cooperative, created in collaboration with Synergie Italia with the aim of training a new generation of professionals, able to operate independently in any sector. commercial, marketing or sales.

The training course was divided into 10 days during which many issues were dealt with: from marketing to communication, from sales to customer care, from commercial conduct to energy transactions and digitalization, without forgetting an in-depth study on the energy sector with the gas and light. Academy is a training school aimed at acquiring skills related to commercial activity, communication and marketing, customer relations, financial management, dynamics and flows of the energy sector. This is not about door-to-door sales training. At the end of the training, participants were given a certificate and were enabled to operate independently in any commercial, marketing or sales sector, thanks to the skills acquired. But it wasn’t just a strictly technical training. With its Academy, in fact, Aeg coop has set itself the goal of training figures with a strong sense of ethics, transmitting the values ​​of the cooperative, centered on collaboration, mutuality and an orientation towards shared well-being. The participants were all very satisfied with the training experience and the comments were positive. Not only, however, the participants, but also the teachers expressed their satisfaction with a responsive and interactive classroom, made up of very different people by age and background, each of whom, with targeted and interesting interventions, contributed to further enrich the training course. A complete success for this Academy, which was the first experience, but it will certainly not be the last.

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