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Foreign anchor encounters “solar terms”: Major Snow – China News Network video

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Foreign Anchor Embraces Chinese Culture, Explores “Major Snow” Solar Term

On December 7, 2023, China News Network’s special foreign anchor took on the adventure of exploring the 21st solar term, “Major Snow”, which marks the arrival of midwinter. With the help of local experts, the anchor traced the signs of winter in Hupao Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

The solar terms are an essential part of traditional Chinese culture, dividing the year into 24 segments based on the sun’s position and the earth’s orbit. “Major Snow” falls around December 7th, signifying the beginning of the coldest part of winter.

The anchor, known for their dedication to understanding and experiencing Chinese traditions, delved into the significance of “Major Snow” and its impact on daily life in China. They were guided through the picturesque Hupao Park, where the signs of winter were evident in the frost-kissed landscape and the change in local activities.

The anchor witnessed and participated in traditional winter practices, such as enjoying hot springs and tasting local winter cuisine. They interacted with locals, who shared their perspectives on the significance of “Major Snow” and the impact it has on their lives.

The exploration of the solar term “Major Snow” provided the anchor with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, enriching their global perspective.

China News Network’s special foreign anchor’s expedition was a part of their ongoing efforts to bridge cultural gaps and foster mutual understanding between China and the world. As they continue to embrace and celebrate traditional Chinese practices, they invite audiences to join them on this enriching journey.

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