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Form a powerful joint force to jointly promote high-quality development_Guangming.com

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Help enterprises to rescue and stabilize growth, and go all out to fight the economy.Promoting the benign interaction between the “promising government” and the “effective market” to form a strong joint force to promote high-quality development

Zhejiang launched the “thousands of groups and enterprises to expand the market to grab orders”, Guangdong implemented the “Guangdong Global” overseas charter flight exhibition plan, and Sichuan “organized a group to go to sea” to go to Europe to expand markets… Since the end of last year, many local government departments have organized charter flights , Full service, leading enterprises to go overseas to open up markets. Participating in exhibitions, meeting with customers, conducting business negotiations, and through rare face-to-face exchanges, many companies have received new orders, feeling “full of harvest”. These activities of “government setting up the stage and enterprises singing operas” not only meet the urgent needs of enterprises, but also send out a strong signal of “going all out to fight the economy”, which has effectively boosted the confidence of market players and stabilized expectations.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the global industrial chain supply chain has faced the risk of restructuring, and many export-oriented enterprises have been greatly affected. Actively coordinate flights, open green channels, introduce booth subsidies, provide supporting subsidies, establish and improve the service guarantee mechanism for business personnel to facilitate entry and exit… the epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage, and relevant departments are dedicated to serving and escorting enterprises “going global”. , It can be said that it is exactly what is needed and at the right time.

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At present, the international environment is complicated and severe, and the domestic economic recovery is facing many challenges. We need to continue to play a good role in the government, vigorously boost market confidence, and promote the overall improvement of economic operation. All regions and departments should earnestly shoulder the responsibility of stabilizing the macroeconomic market, dare to think and act, and do well to create a good environment for various business entities to invest and start businesses, and to stimulate the vitality of various business entities.

In addition to organizing enterprises to “organize groups to go overseas”, many local government departments have also launched a series of measures to help companies out of trouble: some have launched online service platforms to collect corporate demands in a centralized manner, helping to connect production and sales, industry and finance, employment, Industry-university-research links; some simplify approvals, promote intelligent and simplified reforms for enterprises, and allow enterprises to spend more time on the market and less time on approvals; some arrange special funds to resolve corporate financing problems… Many regions and departments actively play Subjective initiative and the introduction of highly targeted measures according to local conditions will inject a steady stream of impetus into the improvement of business operations and provide important support for the recovery and stabilization of the macro economy.

To expand the market and stabilize growth, enterprises need to work hard. During my visits in Zhejiang Province, the author found that those foreign trade companies that performed well in overseas sales are often inseparable from the simultaneous advancement of technological innovation and market development. At present, global industrial competition is becoming more intense, and some industries have accelerated the pace of survival of the fittest. For enterprises, it is necessary not only to innovate and forge ahead in operation to effectively tap market potential, but also to transform and upgrade production to effectively enhance the market competitiveness of products and services. Only by “two-wheel drive” can we move forward steadily and continuously.

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Help enterprises to rescue and stabilize growth, and go all out to fight the economy. At the beginning of the new year, more and more localities and departments have taken action, and more and more policies are taking effect. Promoting the benign interaction between the “promising government” and the “effective market” and forming a strong joint force to promote high-quality development will continue to boost the confidence of hundreds of millions of market players and push the Chinese economic ship to ride the wind and waves. (Han Xin)

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