Home News Fvg in the yellow zone and “strengthened” Green pass: in Udine no fine on 270 checks, in Pordenone few with masks

Fvg in the yellow zone and “strengthened” Green pass: in Udine no fine on 270 checks, in Pordenone few with masks

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UDINE. First day in the yellow zone for Friuli Venezia Giulia and the debut of the new rules on the reinforced Green pass and the obligation to wear a mask outdoors.

A Udine citizens are loyal: from the checks carried out by the carabinieri, it appears that out of 215 people and 54, including public and commercial establishments, no violations of the law were found.

A Pordenone few outdoor masks at the onset of the yellow zone, while there are no problems whatsoever for the paper super Green pass: it is the situation in the city in the first hours of application of the legislation that the Fvg has anticipated by a week compared to the rest of the country.

What immediately catches the eye is the very scarce application of the obligation to wear a mask: in the historic center – where the shops are closed for weekly shifts – people walk around without wearing it and no control, for the moment. The truly sporadic presence of people, however, avoids the risk of crowding.

The merchants of the city do not complain of inconvenience: regular customers show the paper Green pass. «However, many have forgotten to print it – some bartenders report -, but they show it on their smartphone and we trust that it is the one generated by vaccination. After all, in these first hours we have not had checks and we hope that there will be a respite for some time, given that the novelty has not yet been internalized ».

Pordenone football, which hosts Alessandria for the Serie B match in Lignano on Tuesday evening, has launched an appeal to the fans of both teams: “Come with the paper Green pass – exhorted the club – to be able to enter the stadium regularly . No exceptions will be allowed “.

Considering the turnout of less than a thousand spectators in the previous matches, no more than 500 fans are expected for the midweek round, a circumstance that will facilitate the control of the documentation.

Calm, but confusion about the directions to follow in the bars and cafes of Trieste. “We noticed a lot of confusion among customers, who did not know what they had to show – say the employees of a local in the center – A group of three people was asked to eat outside because they only had the QR code and not the paper sheet”.

In another bar the patrons proved to be “in order, they occupied three tables and all three were minutes of the paper Green pass: we don’t ask for it at the counter because it is not yet clear whether it is necessary or not”.

Elucidations are also awaited in another café. Over the counter for the moment it seems that even the unvaccinated can consume. Among the spaces open to the public that remain under the aegis of the basic Green pass, that is also to the tested and not only to the vaccinated and recovered, there are the gyms. “We continue to do the checks – they say in a crossfit center – Since the obligation of the green card we have not found a decrease in customers”.

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