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Gold mine collapses in Venezuela

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Tragedy when a gold mine collapses in southern Venezuela

The collapse of the Bulla Loca site causes a still undetermined number of deaths, injuries and burials, according to local authorities, while the workers themselves try to rescue their colleagues.

The collapse of a mine on Wednesday night in southern Venezuela has caused a number of deaths and injuries yet to be determined, according to local authorities. The accident occurred in the state of Bolívar, on the border with Brazil, in a deposit called Bulla Loca, an artisanal, open pit mine. In the morning, the miners themselves tried to rescue their comrades who had been buried.

The Secretary of Citizen Security of the state of Bolívar, Édgar Colina, has told EFE that he can confirm, for the moment, two dead and two injured who are being transferred to a health center in the region, while Yorgi Arciniega, mayor of the town from Angostura, where the mine is located, speaks of at least 30 deaths and more than 100 buried.

In an investigation carried out jointly by EL PAÍS and Armando.info, it was demonstrated thanks to a satellite x-ray that the states of Amazonas and Bolívar in southern Venezuela (where the accident occurred) had at least 3,700 activity points in 2022. mining and a network of runways used to traffic gold and drugs.

In that area is the mouth of the Apure River in the Orinoco, right at the vertex where the borders of three Venezuelan States -Amazonas, Apure and Bolívar- coincide with the Colombian Vichada. This wedge offers a strategic vantage point to the ELN, whose traditional stronghold was the State of Apure, in the Los Llanos area, neighboring the Colombian department of Arauca. But from there he moved to the Venezuelan jungle to fill the void that the FARC left when it joined the peace process in Colombia.

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Dozens of indigenous communities in this place, such as the Pemón, Piaroa, Ye’kwana and Sanemá, have opted for self-defense against the advance of armed groups linked to the guerrilla and organized crime that have entered their territories. They only have their bows and arrows. The Venezuelan military has also sought to increase its presence in this historically abandoned jungle area and has dismantled illegal mining groups and drug cartels.

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