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Guided by the spirit of the party congress, raise the bar and pay close attention to the implementation

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Li Jun pointed out when participating in the deliberation of the Xiuzhou District delegation

Guided by the spirit of the party congress, raise the bar and pay close attention to the implementation

Release date: 2022-02-24 08:19

Source of information: Jiaxing Daily


Yesterday afternoon, Li Jun participated in the Xiuzhou District delegation to review the report of the Party Congress. He pointed out that the whole city should follow the spirit of the party congress, anchor in a new direction, forge ahead in a new journey, resolutely carry out the historical mission of “two pioneers”, and accelerate the construction of a model city for common prosperity and a pioneer city for socialist modernization.

At the meeting, 10 representatives including Xu Mingyang made speeches one after another, and they all agreed that they fully agreed and supported the work report of the Municipal Party Committee. Li Jun pointed out that the report made by Comrade Zhang Bing on behalf of the 8th Jiaxing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China fully implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions, fully embodying the unswerving commitment to being a loyal supporter of the “two establishments” and “two maintenance” Demonstrating the clear attitude and political responsibility of the leader, it is a good report with a lofty position, far-reaching intention and long-term impact. It is a good report that boosts confidence, inspires people, and warms the hearts of the people. It is a guideline for the development of Jiaxing in the next five years. document.

Li Jun pointed out that the report of the party congress runs through Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and examines Jiaxing in the historical dimension of the intersection of “two hundred years”, and takes advantage of the situation to start building socialist modernization in an all-round way. The strategic overall planning of the new journey fully reflects the strong responsibility of the Municipal Party Committee. The report insists on speaking with facts and reality, objectively summarizes the development achievements of the past five years from five aspects, accurately extracts the valuable experience of the “five musts”, clearly points out the existing problems, and fully reflects the consistent pragmatic style of the Municipal Party Committee. The report draws a blueprint for Jiaxing’s development in the next five years, and proposes to work together to achieve the goal of “two firsts”, focusing on ten key tasks, which not only conform to the characteristics of staged development, but also grasp the trend of future development laws and fully. It reflects the strong leadership of the municipal party committee.

Li Jun emphasized that the work of Xiuzhou District in recent years is remarkable, the achievements are gratifying, and the spirit of the cadres is admirable. The next step is to fully implement the spirit of the conference, raise the bar and pay close attention to implementation, and promote various tasks to be at the forefront. It is necessary to become a model in the integrated development of urban and rural areas, identify the runway, grasp the key points, overcome difficulties, and form more landmark achievements in the supply of public services and the construction of global beauty; Deduct key platforms to recruit large projects at a higher level and attract good projects, attach great importance to the introduction of high-end talents, high-skilled talents and young talents, so that Xiuzhou will become the most dynamic place; Starting point planning, promoting urban construction in a large pattern, focusing on transportation and transportation, vigorously promoting refined urban management, and making the city “exquisite, exquisite and attractive”; to make greater contributions to the green and low-carbon cycle, ecological The environmental quality will be further improved, and efforts will be made to rectify the “low, small and scattered”, explore low-carbon living and production methods, and polish the golden card of “green and low-carbon recycling city”; we must show greater achievements in modernization first, do a good job in leading the party building, and do Realize reform and innovation, make detailed closed-loop risk management and control, and make more contributions to the overall situation of the city in all aspects.

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