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‘He hired his brother-in-law’, new storm on De Angelis – News

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‘He hired his brother-in-law’, new storm on De Angelis – News

A new controversy invests Marcello De Angelis, the communication manager of the Lazio Region. After the allegations about the massacre in Bologna, now comes the news that he has hired his partner’s brother, Edoardo Di Rocco, in the communication staff. A fiduciary assignment without competition. “Has De Angelis also hired his brother-in-law? A shame. If Rocca knew, it’s serious, if he didn’t know and does nothing, it’s worse. I ask you to invite the representatives of the family members of the neo-fascist massacre in Bologna to the extraordinary council requested by the opposition”, underlines the regional councilor, new exponent of Action, Alessio D’Amato.
After the storm unleashed a week ago for his post on the Bologna massacre, the controversy over the former leader of Terza Position is rekindled, this time precisely for the hiring of his partner’s brother. From what is learned, the president of the Lazio Region Francesco Rocca would not have been aware of the choice made by De Angelis. For now, the governor, unaware of the assumption at the origin of the new controversies, is silent on this after instead having renewed his trust in De Angelis after the post in which he said he was convinced of the innocence of Mambro and Fioravanti. Precisely on the post of discord yesterday, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wanted to underline that the “competence belongs to President Rocca: I don’t think I have to deal with De Angelis”. But now Rocca is called to unravel another casus belli involving De Angelis. “Will President Rocca justify the work of Marcello De Angelis this time too? We hope that he will not continue to hold the position of communications manager of the Lazio Region and that we will hear a definitive word from Rocca: that is, De Angelis must resign” , commented the deputy of the Alleanza Verdi and Sinistra Filiberto Zaratti.
The news of the hiring bounces on social media. “God, Country, but above all Family”, reads one of the comments.
However, the controversy with respect to the post of a few days ago on the Bologna massacre remains in the foreground. Today, on the 79th anniversary of the Sant’Anna di Stazzema massacre, the mayor of the town Maurizio Verona asked not to let his guard down and also asked for “new laws” to fight revisionism.
“In this context, in my opinion – underlined the mayor of Stazzema – the unacceptable departure of Marcello de Angelis, head of institutional communication of the Lazio Region, who claimed to know for sure about the Bologna massacre of August 2, 1980, should also be read that Fioravanti, Mambro and Ciavardini had nothing to do with the Bologna massacre”. “We are in a country where, with the principle of freedom of opinion, which exists and is protected because the fascists were defeated 80 years ago. But this does not justify defamatory accusations against journalists, magistrates and ‘institutional offices’, accused of knowing and cover up truths”, concludes the mayor of Verona.

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