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How Jovana Joksimović came to television | Fun

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How Jovana Joksimović came to television |  Fun

Jovana Joksimović revealed that her mom is the main “culprit” that she ended up on television!

Source: Printskrin, Youtube/ K1 Television

Host Jovana Joksimović has been on small screens for many years, and her private life has always intrigued the domestic public. Jovan’s parents spent their working life at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, father Jovan as a professor, and mother in the position of associate for scientific and research work. They closely watched how their unit treated the school.

“They constantly convinced me that, when I study with my friends, I have less time to socialize. Rather, I should study alone and then go outside to play with my peers. And they were somewhat right. I studied exclusively alone, even were against me taking lessons. I didn’t have private teachers, I only went to English and French. I was a bully in elementary school, and an excellent student in high school. I was not good at physics,” Jovana said at the time.

When it was time for college, she decided on economics, and then she realized that it was not for her, so she stopped going to lectures.

“Mom was desperate that I wasn’t studying properly. When you get your parents used to the fact that you’re an excellent student, that they don’t have any problems on that subject, then everything is different. Suddenly I decide that I don’t want to study and that studies get on my nerves. on which the Faculty of Economics functioned in 2000 annoyed me a lot.”

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MOM WAS DESPERATE, SAID TO ME – LISTEN, PUT THEM IN THERE AT THE COMPETITION! Jovana revealed how she ended up on television!

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Little is known that Jovana Joksimović’s mother is the main “culprit” of her daughter becoming a television personality.

“After extensive discussions, my parents realized that there was nothing to do with economics. My mother made it clear to me – Listen, you’re either going to study or work.” I answered okay, I will do it. One day she told me – You are studying economics, and ‘BK’ television has a competition for new faces and they are looking for people for marketing. You apply, give your CV, say that you study economics. You don’t say unsuccessful, but very successful, and then they put you there in marketing.”

When she looked at the login information, Jovana realized that the competition is not for marketing experts, but for newcomers. She applied, and the rest, so to speak, is history.

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00:23 Jovana Joksimović congratulated Kurir on coming of age Source: Kurir

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