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He was dealing while turning with an ax and a toy gun, arrested

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The carabinieri with the seized material

He is a 52 year old from Castelfranco, already with precedents. The search after the carabinieri caught him selling a dose of cocaine to a customer

CASTELFRANCO. The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Castelfranco arrested in the act of crime a 52-year-old local, LS, already known to justice. Around 2.00 pm last Saturday, the Arma soldiers, during a territorial control service in via Zanibelli, in Castelfranco, noticed the man under investigation, while, approaching another person with a suspicious attitude, the delivered a small cellophane wrapper. The blitz was then triggered and the two were stopped and identified. It turns out that the 52-year-old had just given his client a dose of cocaine.

Three other doses of cocaine were found in the suspect’s home as well as various materials for weighing and packaging the drug.

The search by the Carabinieri, which also extended inside the passenger compartment of the suspect’s car, led to the discovery and confiscation of an ax with a 40 cm wooden handle. approximately, a craft cutting tool and a toy gun without a red cap.

Conducted at the offices of the Compagnia di Castelfranco, LS was arrested in the act of crime and placed – at the end of the formalities of the rite and in agreement with the Judicial Authority – under house arrest.

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