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Henan: The precipitation has weakened significantly, and the torrential rain process is basically over

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The reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Meteorological Bureau that from 7:00 on July 5 to 7:00 on the 6th, heavy rains occurred in some counties and cities in southern, central, eastern and northern Henan Province, and particularly heavy rains occurred in Xinyang, Anyang, Hebi, Zhoukou and other places. On the morning of the 6th, the precipitation in Henan Province has weakened significantly, and the rainstorm process has basically ended.

The Henan Provincial Meteorological Observatory’s monitoring showed that from 7:00 on the 5th to 7:00 on the 6th, there were light to moderate showers in Henan Province, and heavy rains in some counties and cities in the south, central and eastern and northern parts, including Shangqiu and most of Anyang, central and eastern Zhoukou, and northwestern Hebi. , Western Xinyang, eastern Nanyang and Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Kaifeng, Jiyuan, Zhumadian, Puyang local heavy rain, Xinyang, Anyang, Hebi, Zhoukou local heavy rain. The average precipitation in Henan Province is 42.1 mm, and the average precipitation in prefectures and cities is 125.2 mm in Shangqiu. There are 106 counties (cities, districts), a total of 834 precipitation stations, and the precipitation exceeds 50 mm, of which 48 counties (cities, districts) have more than 100 mm of precipitation. District) a total of 300 stations, there are 6 counties (cities, districts) with a total of 6 stations that are larger than 250 mm, the top 10 are: Xinyang City Pipatai 317 mm, Anyang City A Primary School 307.1 mm, Hebi City Tongli 277.5 mm , Luyi County Taiqing Palace 275.2 mm, Xinyang City Zhenlei Mountain 262.8 mm, Hebi City Kangjia 250.1 mm, Luyi County Wobei 244.1 mm, Xiayi County Taiping 243.4 mm, Luyi County Songhe 242.0 mm, Hebi City Shancheng 233.7 mm mm. The maximum hourly precipitation occurred at 103.6 mm in Pipatai, Xinyang City (14-15 on the 5th).

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At 7:00 on the 6th, radar echo monitoring showed that the precipitation in Henan has weakened significantly, and the rainstorm process has ended. The Henan Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicts that during the day on the 6th, there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms in the east and north. On the night of the 6th, it was cloudy and sunny in Henan Province.

In response to this rainstorm, the Henan Provincial Meteorological Observatory upgraded and issued a yellow rainstorm warning at 13:00 on the 5th. As of 7:00 on the 6th, meteorological stations in cities and counties issued a total of 328 early warning signals such as rainstorms, thunderstorms and strong winds, of which Shangcai, Huixian, Tangyin, Qixian, Luyi, Linzhou, Anyang, Hebi and other counties and cities issued a total of 39 There were 113 red rainstorm warning signals and 113 orange rainstorm warning signals.

(Headquarters reporter Tian Meng)

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