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Homophobia, Fedez on the pitch with Zan: “Get the law discussed”

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“We do not live in a Catholic state, but a secular one. In a democracy in which Parliament has largely approved a bill, a minority in the person of the president of the Justice Commission holds the law blocked for “party”. So it doesn’t make sense. I would like to see the Senate agenda to see if they are all priorities, I would like to see in these six months what are the priority things discussed in the Senate, we will find a list of huge bullshit ». In a direct instagram Fedez fielded a new communication offensive in favor of the Zan bill and asked that the law be discussed. In the live broadcast – in which Chiara Ferragni also appears – Fedez together with the parliamentarian Alessandro Zan illustrates the reasons why the bill is blocked at Palazzo Madama. “The majority of the Justice Commission wants to schedule the bill, but is hostage to a minority and its president, who keeps the law blocked because he disagrees,” explains Zan referring to the Northern League player Pietro Ostellari. “Go under the profile of Senator Ostellari to ask in a civil manner not to obstruct the bill”, is the appeal that Fedez makes to his fans.

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