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I recommend “Last Night” by Dabeull and Jordan Lee because it lights up the memories

by admin

Ooooh the references and memories that light up the revisited notes of this song in me. Slowed down compared to the “metric” of the original from which it takes its cue (ah it’s a piece by Michael Jackson just if you want to investigate, but I won’t tell you more) this “Last Night” you listen to it and listen to it again after a second and so to loop for an hour.

The whys of our readers

My father and my mother used to read La Stampa, when I got married my wife and I have always read La Stampa, since I was alone I switched to the digital version. It is a liberal and moderate newspaper like I am.


The whys of our readers

Because my dad read it every day. Because when I was four, my mother discovered me while I was reading the words in the press aloud. Because it is an international newspaper.Because I find the news and stories of my city there.

Paola, (TO)

The whys of our readers

I bought the newspaper all my life every day. I have been going digital for two years. I live in a small village in the Ligurian hinterland: what better, early in the morning, than …. a coffee and La Stampa? The whole press, not just the titles …. And, since someone works to provide me with this service, I find it fair to pay a subscription.

Sandro, Garlenda (SV)

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