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Institutions prepare to face the El Niño phenomenon

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Institutions prepare to face the El Niño phenomenon


The arrival of the El Niño climatic event in Ecuador keeps the country on alert due to the possible consequences that it could bring with it. The objective of the event was to evaluate the contingency plans of the different State institutions, to face the effects of the phenomenon.

The event was chaired by the Governor of Chimborazo and included the participation of State institutions.

With the participation of different State portfolios and first response agencies, Chimborazo was part of the national exercise for preparation and response to the El Niño Phenomenon; simulation that allowed planning, preparing and taking preventive actions to face the effects of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

It was also possible to verify the level of response of the Emergency Operations Committee (COE), technical tables and working groups at the national level, since the drill was carried out simultaneously in several provinces of the country that could be affected by the arrival of the Phenomenon. The boy. According to meteorological estimates, the phenomenon that is coming will be one of those that generates the greatest impact and consequences on the planet. This event, which is not cyclical, is produced by the warming of the waters of the equatorial Pacific Ocean and usually generates severe floods and droughts in different countries of the world, with consequences for: the population, productivity, infrastructures and basic services to global level. Ecuador faced the most devastating consequences due to the El Niño phenomenon on two occasions: between 1982-1983 and between 1997-1998. The damage was in the millions and the country’s economy collapsed on both occasions.

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