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Interpol captures Hernán Luque in Argentina

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Interpol captures Hernán Luque in Argentina

Hernan Luque.

The former president of the board of directors of the Public Companies Coordinating Company, Hernan Luque Lecaro, accused by the La Posta site of alleged bribe collectionand who was no longer performing those functions when he fled the country on January 9, 2023, has been detained by Interpol in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this Thursday, February 8, 2024, as confirmed by the Ecuadorian Police.

Luque had been an official in the president’s government Guillermo Lassoand EMCO was a powerful public company company.

When he found out about the escape, Lasso ordered the Police to locate him and bring him “by the neck so that he can appear before the authorities and declare everything he must declare.”.

La Posta presented Luque as part of a corruption ring along with an obscure businessman named Rubén Cherres, who, although not a public official, had been a close friend of President Lasso’s brother-in-law, the prestigious businessman Danilo Carrera.

After the scandal that arose, the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation, which it called the Encounter Case, and requested a preventive detention order against Luque (who was already out of the country), Cherres (who, after fleeing, was murdered), and the president’s brother-in-law. , Danilo Carrera, who is under house arrest.

Luque was captured today when he was walking along Gurruchaga Street, in the Palermo neighborhood, where he had his home. The arrest has been made for extradition purposes and the hearing will take place on Friday, February 9, 2024.

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