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Irene Pivetti, confirmed the seizure for tax evasion and self-laundering

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Irene Pivetti, confirmed the seizure for tax evasion and self-laundering

The seizure of almost 3.5 million euros for the former President of the Chamber has been confirmed by the Supreme Court Irene Pivetti accused of tax evasion and self-laundering in an investigation by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Gdf of Milan, coordinated by the Milanese prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia, on a series of commercial transactions, in particular the purchase and sale of three Ferrari Gran Turismo, which would have been used to launder income resulting from tax evasion. The second criminal section of the Supreme Court rejected, in fact, the defense appeal.

In February, the Milan Review, accepting the prosecutor’s appeal after the rejection by the investigating judge, had ordered the seizure of about 3.5 million from the former deputy and almost half a million from one of her consultants, Pier Domenico Peirone, which has already negotiated 1 year and 10 months. Then came the appeal of the defense and finally the decision of the Supreme Court, after today’s hearing. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has asked for the indictment of the former member of the League and 5 other people.

Covid funds, the forger who cheated Irene Pivetti was hiding in a sauna-bunker: arrested

The preliminary hearing, before the gup Fabrizio Filice, is set for 6 October. Among the defendants, the rally driver and former Gran Turismo champion Leonardo ‘Leo’ Isolanithe wife Manuela Mascoli, her daughter Giorgia Giovannelli, the notary Francesco Maria Trapani and another entrepreneur, Candido Giuseppe Mancaniello. In the investigation, Only Italia, a company attributable to Pivetti, is assumed to be an intermediary role in 2016 operations of the Isolani Racing Team, which wanted to hide some assets from the tax authorities (it had a debt of 5 million), including the three Ferraris. A fake sale to a Chinese company was organized around the cars, according to the indictment. Those machines, however, never arrived “in the availability” of the purchaser ‘on paper’, the Chinese group Daohe. The only “asset actually sold, or rather passed” to the Chinese would have been “the Scuderia Isolani logo combined with the Ferrari logo”.

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Assets seized for 4 million from Irene Pivetti. The purchase of Ferrari Granturismo is also part of the investigation


According to the accusation, “the objective pursued by Pivetti”, defended by the lawyer Filippo Cocco, would have been “to buy the Isolani-Ferrari logo to sell it at a price ten times higher than the Dahoe group, without appearing in the first person”. Isolani and his wife, “simulating the sale of the entire team, have in fact only sold the logo”, while Pivetti, for the Prosecutor’s Office, bought that logo for 1.2 million euros and sold it to the Chinese group to ” 10 million “. Among the documents sent by Milan to the Supreme Court there is also a notice of assessment by the Revenue Agency against Pivetti in which the nearly 3.5 million evasion is contested. “I am very serene it means that we will go on, a meticulous and serene analysis of what happened will demonstrate the correctness of my behavior”, comments Pivetti.

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