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Japanese food industry bans employees from eating natto for breakfast

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[Epoch Times August 20, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun) Natto is a traditional Japanese food and a representative fermented food. It has high nutritional value and is affordable. However, the Japanese food industry has the practice of prohibiting employees from eating natto for breakfast, which is puzzling. In response, the Japan Taiwan Exchange Association disclosed the reasons behind this regulation.

Japan Taiwan Exchange Association posted on Facebook on August 16 that natto, as a representative fermented food in Japan, is not only rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, but also affordable. This kind of miraculous food that can prevent diseases as long as it is eaten daily will certainly win the love of many people.

However, this kind of popular and healthy food may be banned. This is not due to the “unique smell” of natto.

The association explained that some Japanese food companies prohibit employees from eating natto at breakfast because the natto bacteria and nattokinase in natto have strong fecundity and tolerance, even if employees in food factories wear masks , It is difficult to guarantee that natto bacteria will continue to multiply in places invisible to the naked eye.

If the natto bacteria accidentally fall into the food and cause it to deteriorate, the whole batch may be scrapped and the work will be stopped for general cleaning. This will cause huge losses to the factory in addition to invigorating the crowd.

This post answered the doubts of netizens. Many people commented to share different ways to eat natto: “I like to eat it with chopped green onions. It’s delicious.” “Natto is best mixed with raw egg yolk.” “Natto” +Korean kimchi is healthy and delicious.” “I like sweet, sour and sour Taiwanese kimchi. It tastes right.” “General natto can be added with mayonnaise, but black bean natto is recommended for first-timers.” Natto cold okra, delicious!” “Natto + ice cream = super delicious.”

The Epoch Times previously reported that Japan’s TBS TV program invited 300 doctors to vote for the 10 healthiest foods in their hearts, and Natto won the first place.

This fermented soybean food helps prevent cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, periodontal disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and dementia.

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