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Jiangsu formed the province’s 12345 “multiple aid and one” remote collaboration system to quickly support the takeover of Yangzhou epidemic appeal_Sina News

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Original title: Jiangsu formed the province’s 12345 “multiple aid and one” long-distance collaboration system to quickly support the takeover of Yangzhou epidemic appeals

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Nanjing and Yangzhou, the number of people calling the 12345 hotline has soared, far exceeding the local hotline’s manpower and platform carrying capacity. In this regard, the Provincial Government Affairs Office quickly studied solutions to countermeasures. Starting from August 2nd, the 12345 hotline platform in 13 districts and cities will be deployed urgently, and the 12345 hotline “multiple aid and one” remote collaboration system for responding to public emergencies will be established. The three levels of provinces, cities and counties work together to work together day and night. On August 6, the inter-city platform business and system docking will be completed. The call drill and work order transfer test will be completed at 2:00 AM on August 7 and will be officially launched at 8:00 on August 7 Remotely assist Yangzhou City to take over the appeals of the masses.

  Effectively share the pressure to take over the appeals of the 12345 epidemic in Yangzhou

The epidemic has caused a substantial increase in the number of incoming calls to 12345 in Yangzhou, and the number of acceptances remains high. Yangzhou has taken various measures to ensure that the 12345 hotline is unblocked. However, due to the large demand from the masses, the call answering work is still facing greater pressure. In response to the actual needs of Yangzhou City, this “multiple assistance, one” remote collaboration, first dispatched the provincial 12345 platform and Xuzhou, Suzhou, Lianyungang and other three districts and cities 12345 platform, a total of 42 telephone backbone remote assistance to answer. From August 7th to August 11th, Yangzhou has helped Yangzhou accept 2109 requests from the masses, accounting for nearly 10% of the city’s 12345 hotline answering volume, effectively sharing the traffic pressure, and Yangzhou’s 12345 hotline connection rate has steadily increased by 5 percentage points. The joint efforts ensured the smooth flow of appeal channels for the masses of Yangzhou City.

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  The province’s ability to fight the overall war in an emergency state of 12345 has been formed in one fell swoop

After an emergency occurs, it is 12345’s primary responsibility to ensure that the hotline is unblocked, promptly transmit the voice of the party committee and the government, and calm the public sentiment. However, due to the suddenness of public incidents and the huge demands of the masses, the 12345 hotline is under pressure from “single-soldier combat”. Larger, it is necessary to pool the scattered hotline resources to quickly form an overall advantage, respond to the uncertainty of the magnitude of the mass appeal with the certainty of emergency response capabilities, gather the zeros as a whole, and win with more. The establishment of the “multiple aid and one” remote collaboration system not only effectively supported the Yangzhou 12345 hotline, but also seized actual combat opportunities, strengthened system docking and business integration, and realized the integration of the province’s hotline system resources and cross-regional response and coordinated handling of requests from the masses. This provides solid support for the 12345 districts and cities in the future to respond to sudden mass demands.

  Ensure that the government hotline service is always standard and standardized

As the 12345 hotline continues to operate at a high level, relevant parties have supplemented the answering power through multiple channels, which has effectively alleviated the traffic pressure on the 12345 hotline. Introduced the “multiple aid and one” remote collaboration mechanism in the Yangzhou 12345 hotline, giving full play to the unique advantages of the 12345 government hotlines in various regions. The professional telephone staff of the government hotline system will answer, record, reply and assign in accordance with the unified standards of the whole province for the masses. Provide professional and standardized services and improve the efficiency of appeal processing. After the remote collaboration mechanism was launched, 100% of the appeals of the masses answered by the assistance call agent were answered online and transferred in time, maintaining the good image of the government hotline.

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  Vigorously promote the digital and scientific governance of the 12345 hotline in the province

Before the epidemic, the Provincial Government Affairs Office formulated the “Classification and Code Standard for Mass Appeals of Jiangsu Province 12345 Hotline”, which organized more than 70 million mass appeals into 1095 mass appeal categories, and coded them item by item, laying a foundation for the efficient handling of mass appeals. The foundation of digitization. This time the implementation of the “multiple aid, one” remote collaboration mechanism, the relevant support city will answer and distribute in strict accordance with the classification standards of appeals, and improve the degree of refinement in handling the appeals of the masses. At the same time, the Jiangsu 12345 platform disassembled the hotline service process into the smallest granularity, formed a new process for mass appeals that meets the needs of remote collaboration, and realized the dynamic optimization of the allocation of traffic resources on demand. In the near future, the Provincial Government Affairs Office will further improve the “multiple aid and one” remote collaboration system and mechanism, and use the new results of hotline digital governance to provide new assistance to strengthen the construction of 12345 emergency response capabilities and improve government governance capabilities and service levels.



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